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School of Physiotherapy encourages people to ‘Stay Fan Fit’

Monday 16 September 2019 9:03pm

A new series of videos are reminding people to ‘Stay Fan Fit’ during the Rugby World Cup.

A series of four videos have been produced to promote the University of Otago’s School of Physiotherapy and coincide with the Rugby World Cup, providing key messages about keeping well and injury free, with just a touch of humour in the mix.

The videos premiered at the School on Friday, with many of the students featured in the videos and their classmates there to see the final product, as well as the bloopers from filming.

Matt Dick, Acting Director of the School’s Physiotherapy Clinics, says the series is an opportunity to deliver messaging about keeping well and injury free while also promoting the work of the clinics.

“We’re very reliant on patients coming into the clinic to provide teaching for our students. It’s a very hands-on application of teaching so it’s very important we have an ongoing stream of patients.”

Along with showcasing some students, the series also shows off some of the talented physiotherapy staff from the clinic – like Jeffrey Huang and Evelyn Tulloch.

Mr Dick says the videos are a good way of creating awareness about the expertise the clinics have.

The short videos are being released each fortnight in the lead up to and throughout the Rugby World Cup, reminding fans to ‘Stay Fan Fit’ throughout. The first video ‘The Last Chip Lunge’ was released on Wednesday.

School President Lucy Garner, who features as the chip-hungry star of ‘The Last Chip Lunge’, says while it was a fun experience filming with plenty of chips to be eaten throughout, it also gave the students an opportunity to give back to the School in a meaningful way.

“Obviously the idea is to promote the School of Physiotherapy which plays a huge part in our learning. If we can get more patients it helps us.”