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Activity and you

Seeking participants with diabetes, or at risk of developing diabetes or heart disease

Am I eligible for the study?

Ladies walking on beachAdults (>35 years old), currently living in Dunedin and will be residing there in the next year (2017)


You need at least one of the following conditions:

1. Risk of developing heart disease, as indicated by the health professional
Risk of developing heart disease (a minimum of 10%), as identified using this link, (New Zealand Heartage tool)

2. Risk of developing diabetes (i.e. prediabetes), as indicated by the health professional.
Risk of diabetes (intermediate risk), as identified using this link (Diabetes Self-Test) With a score of 6 or more.
Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

Please remember to write down the result/risk score from any of the above tests you do to pass it on to the researcher and for when you will be asked to enter it in the online survey.

If you have do not have computer or internet connectivity, your health risk assessment can be conducted through telephone by the research staff.

If I participate, what will I be asked to do?

Take a look at the information sheet or the research staff can post it out following their chat with you.

Volunteers will be required to attend 2 sessions, taking a maximum of 90 minutes at 1st session and 60 minutes at the 2nd session (12 months from your first session), at the School of Physiotherapy in Dunedin. You will be required to complete questionnaires about yourself and your perceptions about your health, social support and neighbourhood.

You can choose to complete the questionnaire through an online survey, in your own time. If you choose to fill-out the online questionnaire, this will reduce the time you spend at the School of Physiotherapy to no more than 30 minutes at each session.

What happens on your visits to the School of Physiotherapy?

If you've not already filled in the survey the researcher will give you a copy of the survey to fill in.

They will then take some basic health measurements (see the information sheet for details).

You will be given an activity monitor (also known as an accelerometer), which should be worn at your waist level for the next 7 days during waking hours. Accelerometers are small electronic devices (about the size of a match box) that record how much you move throughout the day. You will be asked to keep a daily log of how long you wear the accelerometer each day for 8 days. You will then be asked to return the activity monitor and diary in person to the School of Physiotherapy. We will make sure you get a copy of your activity information at the end of the study.

You will be contacted again (12 months from your first visit) for follow-up assessment, which will be similar (but shorter) to the first assessment (60 minutes or 30 minutes if you take the survey online). Also, you will be contacted (by preferred form of contact) during the period between visits to let you about the forthcoming assessment at 12 months.

After completing the study (2 sessions), you will be given a pedometer (valued at about $30). You can use the pedometer to monitor your walking levels.

If I believe I am eligible, what's next?

The next step will be to complete our study's survey. You may take the survey online now or, phone our research team to schedule a visit to complete the survey in-person.

Contact: 0800 945 822
Please note you may reach a voicemail but a member of our research team will reply to your call within two working days. Please leave a detailed voicemail with your contact information and we will get back to you.