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Lab personnel

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Research interests

  • Molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cardiovascular complications in diabetes.
  • Role of microRNAs in cardiovascular diseases.
  • Development of novel genetic and stem cell therapies for the treatment of ischemic and non-ischemic cardiovascular complications


microRNA; gene therapy; stem cells; chronic heart failure; Diabetes Mellitus; cardiomyopathy; tissue engineering.

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  • Pathological role of microRNAs in the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy
  • Circulating microRNAs as potential biomarkers for early diagnosis of cardiovascular complications
  • Gender differences in diabetic heart – why females are more prone to complications
  • Investigating the role of suicidal autophagy in diabetic hearts
  • Treatment of ischemic hearts with resident cardiac stem cells
  • Development of engineered heart tissue using cardiac and mesenchymal stem cells

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Current funding

  • 2013–2015 Lottery Health Board project grant
  • 2013–2015 New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes project (Sanofi) grant
  • 2013–2014 Maurice & Phyllis Paykel Trust grant-in-ai
  • 2013–2014 University of Otago research grant
  • 2013–2014 Otago School of Medical Sciences Dean's Bequest grant
  • 2012–2013 Heart Foundation New Zealand small project grant
  • 2012–2013 Otago Medical Research Foundation project grant

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Previous funding

  • 2010–2012 British Heart Foundation project grant
  • 2007–2010 Diabetes UK project grant
  • 2004–2007 Ministry of Science and Education, Japan
  • 2002–2004 Industrial grant with Mitsubishi Pharmaceuticals, Japan

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  • Associate Professor Patrick Manning, Department of Medicine, University of Otago
  • Professor Vicky Cameron, Christchurch Heart Institute, University of Otago
  • Dr Andrew Bahn, Department of Physiology, University of Otago
  • Professor Paolo Madeddu, Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Professor Costanza Emanueli, Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Professor Saadeh Suleiman, Department of Cardiovascular Physiology, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Dr Antonio Beltrami, Department of Pathology, University of Udine, Italy
  • Dr Daniela Cesselli, Department of Pathology, University of Udine, Italy
  • Professor Sato Takayuki, Department of Physiology, Kochi University, Japan
  • Dr Kakinuma Yoshihiko, Department of Physiology, Kochi University, Japan
  • Professor Ando Motonori, Laboratory of Cell Physiology, Department of Science Education, Okayama University, Japan

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