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Politics staff in the media


  • Trump turns the world upside down. Interview with Owen Rooney, Radio Dunedin, 15 June 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • The start of a beautiful friendship? How to assess the Trump-Kim summit, Stuff, 13 June 2018 (Nicholas Khoo)
  • Is China’s influence threatening NZ’s Five Eyes membership? Interview, Heather du Plessis Allan, Newstalk ZB, Wellington, 1 Jun 2018 (Robert Patman)


  • Missile Strikes in Syria Expose Untenable Role of UNSC. Interview, Jack Tame, Breakfast TVNZ, 16 Apr 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • NZ's support for rules-based order and Russia. Interview, John Gibb, ODT, 31 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • A Kiwi connection with Trump's administration. Interview, Tom Pullar-Strecker, Stuff, 20 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Barack Obama's life after the White House. Interview, Megan Gattey, Stuff, 19 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Conflict with Kremlin could expose UK's diplomatic limitations. Interview, Heather Du Plessis-Allan, Newstalk ZB, 15 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Rex Tillerson fired as UK-Russia crisis escalates. Interview, Jack Tame, Breakfast TVNZ, 14 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • History and Kim Jong un/Trump meeting. Interview, Trudi Nelson, Radio Live, 11 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • China factor and Kim Jong-un/Trump meeting. Interview, Trudi Nelson, Radio Live, 11 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • South Africa's controversial land reform bill. Interview, Jack Tame, TVNZ, 2 Mar 2018 (Robert Patman)


  • South and North Korea after Winter Olympics. Interview, Andrew Urquhart, Radio Rhema, 28 Feb 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Syria highlights perils of lawless world. Interview, Hayley Holt, Breakfast, TVNZ, 23 Feb 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Serbia and War in the 20th Century. Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill, RNZ, 18 Feb 2018 (James Headley)
  • Online radicalisation in Christchurch. Interview, Stephen McIvor, Radio Live, 16 Feb 2018 (Robert Patman)


  • Trump's first year and the Korean situation. Interview, Kerre McIvor, Newstalk ZB, 18 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • NZ's foreign relations in 2018. Interview, Anna Bracewell-Worrall, Newshub, 17 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Putting the few ahead of the many - Corbyn and Brexit. Australian Outlook, 17 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • New Zealand's nuclear past. Interview with Oliver Lewis, Stuff, 13 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Corbyn's complicity in Brexit betrayal must stop. Article, ODT, 13 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • President Trump's rhetoric making US isolated (again). Interview, Lloyd Burr, Radio Live, 12 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • N.Korea quite unlike Cuban missile crisis. Interview, John Gibb, ODT, 11 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • Are President Trump and Kim Jong-un set for war? Interview, Steven McIvor, Radio Live, 8 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)
  • NZ designated Boko Haram as terror group before mass kidnappings. Interview, Tom Hunt, Stuff, 1 Jan 2018 (Robert Patman)


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