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How much does it cost? The health system and productivity?

A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


Close date
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Academic background
Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences, Business
Host campus
Public Health (Wellington)
Professor Tony Blakely


Are you interested in the intersection of epidemiology and costing? For example, how much would a tobacco tax intervention cost, or save costs, to the health system; to the labour market (productivity costs); and for welfare benefits (including superannuation payments because people live longer…).

In BODE3 we are harnessing extraordinarily rich health data linked to not only health system cost data, but also to income data (for productivity costing) and welfare benefit receipt (for sickness benefits and superannuation payments). This is a unique opportunity internationally, let alone in New Zealand, to make real strides in understanding the societal impacts of public health interventions. You will have ample opportunity to publish. Your supervision will start from an epidemiological basis (one needs to have the epidemiology right first, before working out the future stream of people living, dying and living in poor health), but with strong additional disciplinary input from economics.


Professor Tony Blakely
Tel   64 4 385 5541 ext 6086