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Study Immunology at Otago


Apply for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) through the Dunedin, Wellington, or Christchurch campuses in 2023

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Apply for the Master of Science (MSc) through the Dunedin campus in 2023

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Immunology is taught within the Department of Microbiology. It is concerned with the study of how individuals protect themselves against infectious organisms, i.e. immunity and correcting abberant immune responses. Topics covered include the structure and function of the immune response, immunity to infectious diseases, vaccines and their use, and manipulation of the immune system (immunotherapy). Abnormalities and diseases of the immune system e.g. cancer, allergy, autoimmunity and AIDS also form an integral part of immunology.

Employment opportunities for graduates are excellent with major employers being research and diagnostic laboratories, Crown Research Institutes and universities. This is a rapidly advancing and exciting discipline in which the University of Otago has had a long and productive role.

Immunology is available as an area of study for:

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Contact details

Head of Department
Microbiology and Immunology
720 Cumberland Street
Tel +64 3 479 7734

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See the full list of Microbiology (MICR) papers.

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Programme requirements

Master of Science (MSc) in Immunology

Papers and Thesis
  • IMMU 495  Master's Thesis Preparation

  • MICR 461  Molecular Microbiology

  • MICR 462  Microbiology and Immunology Research

  • MICR 463  Trends in Microbiology

  • MICR 464  Medical Microbiology and Immunology

  • Thesis: IMMU 5

    Note: The papers are normally taken before undertaking the thesis.