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Time of the Icebergs

ISBN: 978 1 877578 02 1

Much of Time of the Icebergs was written while David Eggleton was a Writer-in-Residence at the Michael King Writers Centre in Auckland in 2009. These are poems about the world we live in, tracing a dystopian present 'hurtling globalisation's highway' where 'Google tells Google that Google saves'. As he says 'I think of it as a collection for browsing and discovering things: soundscapes, seascapes, landscapes, contemporary politics and contemporary people, histories, traditions, and other things besides.'

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The Wilder Years: Selected poems

ISBN: 9781988592619

David Eggleton, Poet Laureate of Aotearoa 2019–21, has published nine poetry collections, and now, finally, comes a ‘Best Of ’. The Wilder Years: Selected Poems is a hardback compendium of the poet’s own selection from 35 years of published work, together with a handful of new poems.

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The Conch Trumpet

ISBN: 978 1 877578 93 9

The Conch Trumpet calls to the scattered tribes of contemporary New Zealand. It sounds the signal to listen close, critically and ‘in alert reverie’. David Eggleton’s reach of references, the marriage of high and low, the grasp of popular and classical allusion, his eye both for cultural trash and epiphanic beauty, make it seem as if here Shakespeare shakes down in the Pacific. In this latest collection David Eggleton is court jester/philosopher/lyricist, and a kind of male Cassandra, roving warningly from primeval swampland to gritty cityscape to the information and disinformation cybercloud.

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ISBN: 9781990048500

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Landfall 233

ISBN: 9780947522520

Landfall is New Zealand's foremost and longest-running arts and literary journal. It showcases new fiction and poetry, as well as biographical and critical essays, and cultural commentary.

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Landfall 229: Autumn 2015

ISBN: 978 1 877578 90 8

'Landfall 229' (Autumn 2015), edited by David Eggleton

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Landfall 229

ISBN: 9781877578908

Still at the very centre of local culture, New Zealand’s liveliest and most important literary magazine returns in 2015 with Landfall 229, showcasing the best of our contemporary writing across a breadth of styles and themes.

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ISBN: 9781988531274

The poetry in David Eggleton’s new collection possesses an intensity and driven energy, using the poet’s recognisable signature oratory voice, strong in beat and measure, rooted in rich traditions of chant, lament and ode.