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Books by Patrick, Brian

Wild Rivers: Discovering the Natural History of the Central South Island

ISBN: 978 1 877276 15 6

The story of the ever-changing landscape of the area bounded by the Waitaki River in the south and the Rangitata in the north, stretching from the Alps to the east coast. This is the first book to describe in detail the natural history of this large region. A main focus is the braided rivers, which in world terms are rare and remarkable. They occur only in New Zealand, northern India, Tibet, Siberia and Argentina. Two things make these rivers remarkable: their ever-changing nature, and their nurturing of a diverse and unique community of plants, birds, fish, lizards and invertebrate life.

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Wild Fiordland: Discovering the Natural History of a World Heritage Area

ISBN: 978 1 877372 27 8

This is a paperback edition of this book, which was shortlisted for the Montana NZ Book Awards in 1997. It is a major work of regional natural history introducing a New Zealand World Heritage Area, Fiordland National Park.

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Wild Dunedin: The natural history of New Zealand’s wildlife capital

ISBN: 978 1 877578 62 5

Dunedin city and its environs are home to an amazing range of habitats and landscapes, of plants, animals, birds, insects and geological features. From the ocean, with its albatrosses and penguins, to the high alpine zone of inland ranges, this book introduces a magnificent natural environment.

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Wild Central: Discovering the Natural History of Central Otago

ISBN: 1 877133 65 5

For the people who know it, 'Central' Otago conjures up images of a diverse landscape - snow-clad peaks, rocky outcrops in a parched terrain, the mighty Clutha River carving its way through the land to the sea, and the wide, windswept Maniototo. Goldrush history, high country farms, Roxburgh apricots, skiing and bungy-jumping and the burgeoning wine industry all combine to give the region a unique flavour. While the region provides many attractions, its natural history has often taken a back seat.

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Butterflies of the South Pacific

ISBN: 978 1 877578 04 5

It is easy to misjudge butterflies as fragile flying insects: their distribution across a wild and expansive Pacific Ocean proves otherwise. Long ago they colonised by flight isolated and tiny atolls and they continue to claim new territory. Others came by land bridges when sea levels were lower, to mark out their distribution and perhaps establish new species. This book surveys (and discovers) the butterfly inhabitants of the South Pacific.