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Books by Vaggioli, Dom Felice

History of New Zealand and its Inhabitants

ISBN: 978 1 877133 52 7

An extraordinary new book reveals sympathy for Maori from an unusual supporter – an Italian priest. The book, History of New Zealand and its Inhabitants, has waited over a century to be translated into English, but sits comfortably alongside the contemporary Maori renaissance and claims to the Waitangi Tribunal. The book was originally published in Italy in 1896. Its author, Dom Felice Vaggioli, was one of the first Benedictine priests to be sent to New Zealand. He worked in Gisborne, Auckland and the Coromandel from 1879 to 1887. While in New Zealand, he gathered information, including first-hand accounts of Treaty of Waitangi signings, and of the Taranaki and Waikato wars.

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A Deserter's Adventures: The autobiography of Dom Felice Vaggioli, translated by John Crockett

ISBN: 978 1877276 11 8

Dom Felice Vaggioli wrote this autobiography between 1909 and 1911, after the publication in Italy of his History of New Zealand and its Inhabitants. One of the first Benedictine monks to be sent to New Zealand, he arrived in 1879 and returned home in 1887, having worked in Gisborne, Auckland and the Coromandel. The manuscript remained in the archives of Viaggioli's monastery and was never published. It was found by John Crockett while researching the background to his translation of the History. Its New Zealand section is published here for the first time, with an essay by historian Rory Sweetman.