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Skateboarding on Campus

Friday, 14 March 2014

Some years ago there was an incident on Campus which involved a cyclist and a professor – sounds like the start of a joke doesn’t it? – well unfortunately it isn’t.The professor was walking around the corner of the Richardson Building and was confronted by a cyclist travelling at speed coming the other way.   The two collided and the professor suffered some serious injury.   Following that incident, bikes were banned on campus - and they still are.

Last week we had a similar accident but this time a skateboarder was involved.   Thankfully no serious injury occurred but the point is, the incident should not have happened at all.   Had the ‘boarder been travelling at the required walking pace, this incident would never have happened.   Most people on ‘boards are considerate and travel at a walking pace as they should.   There are however one or two who do move at speed, weaving through crowds of pedestrians in their rush to get wherever it is they are going.

It is only a short step from here to skateboards being banned on campus and placed in the same category as cyclists.   So remember that whatever sort of wheels you are on in Campus, don’t go faster than the people walking.