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Campus Cop on Fire Lighting

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fire lighting is part of a sub-culture which we are determined to place firmly in the past.

It is only through good fortune that a disaster has not already occurred as there have been a number of very near misses in which fires have very nearly become out of control beside dwellings with  students sleeping inside.  This occurred as recently as a few days ago.   A fire was set beside a student’s bedroom in Grange Street.  The young female occupant was asleep at the time and only for the quick response by the Fire Service was a tragedy averted.

The consequences of ignoring this warning will be dire.

1) Should you cause the death of another through this illegal activity you will face at least a manslaughter charge and an inevitable term of imprisonment.

2) Should you be caught lighting, or adding to an existing fire, there will be no pre charge warnings or diversion; you will be charged appropriately. 

3) A conviction for an arson charge will affect your ability to freely travel.  It will also adversely affect your future employment prospects.

4) You will also likely be excluded from the University.  The Vice Chancellor has repeatedly stated that offending of this nature will be dealt with harshly.  Do not be that student.

5) The police are actively seeking out arsonists and will employ whatever tactics they deem necessary to catch offenders.  We make no apology for this. 

6) Should your rental property suffer extensive damage due to fire, by whatever cause, without liability insurance you may be liable for many thousands of dollars.  Should you be responsible for lighting the fire the insurance company, via the courts, will pursue you for repair costs.  Worth thinking about!

Please have an enjoyable, safe and productive year ahead remembering to protect yourself and your future.

John Woodhouse Campus Cop