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The four-person Property Management team acts as 'landlord' for the University. The unit manages the University's $1.6 billion property inventory, and keeps the portfolio up to date in order to meet the university's present and future space needs - whether those needs are best met through new buildings, land purchases or leasing arrangements.

Property Management is also responsible for auditing the University's space usage and benchmarking that data against that of other universities, both nationally and internationally. One of the chief concerns of the unit is to ensure that any new buildings are designed with flexibility in mind, so that the use of the space can change as the university's requirements change.



MurrayGraySenior Property Manager

Murray Gray

Tel +64 3 479 3926

Murray Gray's main role is to ensure that the University's property portfolio is effectively and efficiently planned, developed and managed for both current and future needs.

A registered Property Valuer and Chartered Accountant, Murray brings a wide range of professional experience to Property Services including over seven years with the University's Financial Services Division, and many years as a valuer of businesses and specialised assets including water, sewerage and road networks, hospitals, hotels, airports and golf resorts. He holds a double (BCom) in Accounting, and in Valuation & Property Management from the University of Canterbury.

Property Managers

Any enquiries about use of buildings may be directed to the University Property Manager, who deals with all property-related issues, including space records, standards and allocation, purchase, disposal and leasing.

GenericProperty Manager

Tel +64 479 8051

GenericStrategic Space Planner

Diana Horn

Tel +64 3 471 3595

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