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Professor Neil McNaughton

Neil McNaughton

Tel 64 3 479 7634

Professor Neil McNaughton has been extensively involved in the development of Neuroscience at Otago. He was involved in the setting up of the undergraduate Neuroscience programme (the only one of its kind in New Zealand) and was director of the programme from 1991–2008. He was director of the Neuroscience Research Centre from 1991–1997 and the Neural Systems Structure and Function Research Theme from 1997–2005. He was one of the founders of the Australasian Winter Conference on Brain research and the Treasurer from 1983–1997 and a committee member until 2009.

He has acted as an External Assessor for Personal Chairs, Awards and Promotions for the Institute of Psychiatry, London; University of Hong Kong; University of Hawaii; NHMRC Australia Fellowship; Australian National University; and National University of Singapore. He has refereed grants for 15 grant awarding bodies and papers for 48 journals.

Neil joined the Department in 1982. He has over 30 years of university teaching experience, teaching at both graduate and undergraduate levels. He has over 40 years work experience as a Neuroscience researcher in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. His research interests are multidisciplinary. He has authored 111 papers, 5 major reviews, 2 books, and 30 book chapters; and edited 4 book-length works.

Research Interests

  • Neurobiology of State and Trait Anxiety and Temporal-Frontal Lobe Interactions

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