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200-level Psychology Papers

Coordinating Staff

Coordinators of Studies

Professor Liz Franz

Paper Coordinators

Associate Professor Gareth Treharne (PSYC 210)
Professor David Bilkey (PSYC 211)
Dr Vanessa Beanland (PSYC 212)
Associate Professor Gareth Treharne (PSYC 203)
Emeritus Professor Jim Flynn (PSYC 204)

Laboratory/Tutorial Coordinator

Dr Ann Reynolds
Sabrina Goh

Administrator Client Services

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Overview of 200-level Psychology

Psychology 200 consists of five papers containing lectures covering a variety of central topics in psychology and practical work related to the same topics. The lecture courses cover elements of abnormal psychology, applied psychology, biopsychology, cognition, perception, philosophy, research methods, and social psychology.

The 5 papers are each worth 18 points and may be taken together in the same year or separately. PSYC 210, PSYC 211, and PSYC 212 are prerequisites for Psychology 300 papers. PSYC 203 and PSYC 204 are each optional papers. Each paper consists of lectures and associated practicals or tutorials.


For PSYC 210, PSYC 211, PSYC 212 and PSYC 203

PSYC 111 and 112. A student who has attempted one only of PSYC 111 and 112, but who has achieved a grade of at least B and has passed additional papers worth at least 90 points, may take the other 100-level PSYC paper concurrently with any of PSYC 203, 210-212.

For PSYC 204

Either PSYC 111 or PSYC 112, or PHIL 103, or POLS 101, or SOCI 101.

200-level Psychology Papers

Laboratory Work

Psychology is an empirical subject and laboratory work is an important part of it. Topics in the practical programme are related to those covered in the lecture courses. PSYC 210 and PSYC 204 have tutorial programmes in place of laboratory programmes.

Internal Assessment

Internal assessment contributes 50% to the final grade for PSYC 210, PSYC 211, PSYC 212, and PSYC 203. For PSYC 204, internal assessment contributes to 33.3% of the final grade. Full details of all paper requirements are contained in the course information available on Blackboard.