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300-level Psychology Papers

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Dr Elizabeth Schaughency

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300-level Psychology Overview

Students who wish to major in Psychology take at least four papers from PSYC 313-329. All PSYC 300 papers are worth 18 points. Note that a pass in PSYC 311 Quantitative Methods is also a prerequisite for entry into Psychology 400 or a psychology Masters degree. For further information on Psychology 400 papers, see Psychology 400.

Prerequisites for Psychology 300 Papers

PSYC 201, 202 or PSYC 210, 211, 212 for all papers. Students who have obtained a B+ or better in each of PSYC 210 and 212 may take, with HoD’s approval, one of PSYC 313-329 as a co-requisite with PSYC 211.

Students who have obtained a B+ or better in PSYC 211 may take, with HoD’s approval, one of PSYC 313-328 as a co-requisite with PSYC 210 and PSYC 212. STAT 110 (or an approved equivalent) is an additional prerequisite for PSYC 311 Quantitative Methods, and for PSYC 310 Research Project.

300-level papers

Course Approval

Each student’s selection of papers must be approved by a Psychology-300 Coordinator at the time of enrolment. It is the responsibility of every student to ensure that the options chosen have been approved. Any change subsequent to approval can be made only with the approval of a Psychology-300 Coordinator.

Internal Assessment

Fifty percent of the final grade in each paper (except for PSYC 310 Research Project), is based on internal assessment including essays, tests, project work, and laboratory reports, as assigned by the instructor at the start of the paper. PSYC 310 is 100% internally assessed.

Admission to Postgraduate Courses including the Clinical Programme

Students wishing to apply for entry into the postgraduate psychology programme may do so having satisfied the prerequisites for entry into Psychology 400. We highly recommend that students considering postgraduate study, including honours take PSYC 310.

Students intending to apply to the clinical programme beginning in one year should do so by 20 October of the preceding year. Intending students should read the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology handbook available from either the Administrator Client Services, Clinical Psychology Centre, Department of Psychology, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054, or download a copy from our website.

Find out more about the Diploma in Clinical Psychology here