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Academic audit

The University of Otago is periodically reviewed by AQA – the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (previously known as NZ Universities Academic Audit Unit - NZUAAU). Audits have been carried out in 1996, 2000, 2006, 2011 and 2016.

The Academic Quality Agency released the University of Otago Cycle 5 Academic Audit Report in October 2016. Cycle 5 audits focused on Teaching, Learning and Student Support themes.

In the 2016 Academic Audit, a number of Affirmations, Commendations and Recommendations were made, and Leaders and Sponsors assigned to each task. The Affirmations, Commendations and Recommendations tables can be accessed below:

2016 University of Otago: Recommendations 

2016 University of Otago: Commendations 

2016 University of Otago: Affirmations 

The University's Cycle 5 Mid-Cycle Assessment Report (July 2020) can be accessed below:

2016 University of Otago Cycle 5: Mid-Cycle Assessment Report

The full Audit report can be found on the AQA website:

The following list shows the themes for each of the Academic Audits:

2016  Teaching, Learning and Student Support

2011  Whole of Institution Audit (all NZ universities)

2006  Institutional Audit focusing on teaching quality, programme delivery and the achievement of learning outcomes

2000  Research & Postgraduate Teaching (National theme) / Internal and External Communication Systems (Otago theme)

1996  Whole of Institution Audit (all NZ universities)