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Travel and collaboration ahead for University of Otago researcher

Thursday 23 May 2019 2:50pm

Dr Gabriella Lindberg and Pau Atienza Roca Image
Dr Gabriella Lindberg discusses cell viability and migration with PhD candidate Pau Atienza Roca. The cells respond to oxygen and nutrient gradients present in a 3D-biofabricated construct.

Dr Gabriella Lindberg has won support from the Australasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (ASBTE), helping her to travel and strengthen collaborations with top-ranked international research partners.

Each year ASBTE offers a Lab Travel Award to an early career researcher or postgraduate research student who has convinced them of the impact of their proposed research.

This year Dr Lindberg impressed the Society with her aim to investigate sophisticated chemical strategies for patterning oxygen delivery molecules in biocompatible inks used in the 3D-printing of engineered tissues.

Success in this will help control the distribution of oxygen in constructed tissues, better mimicking the different oxygen distributions seen throughout native osteocondral tissues.

With this aim, Lindberg plans to visit with Dr Jason A Burdick of the University of Pennsylvania, who is a world leading expert in polymeric biomaterials.

“I know that high impact research can’t be achieved in isolation”, says Lindberg. “That’s why I feel so fortunate to have this support from ASBTE.”

Whilst in the US, Lindberg will also have the opportunity to network with other world leaders in the field of biofabrication. She will attend the International Conference on Biofabrication, hosted in Colombo, Ohio.

Lindberg was supported in her ASBTE application by lead investigator of the Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering (CReaTE) research group, Associate Professor Tim Woodfield.