Sam StevensGraduate profile

Sam Stevens

Reporter, Otago Daily Times

After gaining a National Certificate in Journalism, Sam did his BA at Otago, majoring in Religious Studies. A couple of years working overseas followed before he re-enrolled at Otago as a mature student. He completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Religious Studies) in 2006.

'A degree is always a good thing to have,' he says. 'It gives you the confidence to go for more challenging jobs.'

Sam's major in Religious Studies complemented other papers he did in History and Political Studies. 'Being able to demonstrate a genuine interest in a wide range of areas can be attractive to potential employers,' he says.

This view certainly worked for Sam. The first job he applied for after graduating he got. As a reporter with the Otago Daily Times Sam finds life stimulating and satisfying.

'My memories of University include looking forward more and more to my Religious Studies classes. I especially liked the contemporary take lecturers brought to religion and the variety of issues we covered.'

'One day soon I'd like to go back and do more postgraduate study in Religious Studies, possibly a PhD. The staff at Otago are just so supportive of postgrads; the subject matter is interesting and mind-broadening – all the ingredients are there for me to succeed.'

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