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Reporting requirements for funding bodies

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Many funding bodies require progress or final financial and research reports, in return for the grants they award for enabling research at the University of Otago. Reporting is often a contractual obligation of grant recipients.

Researchers may be required to complete progress/interim or final reports according to the conditions of the award. Details of the reporting requirements can usually be found in the schedules attached with the letter of award. All reports should be submitted through Research and Enterprise. When writing your report, please be mindful of the funding body’s ideologies.

Below you will find links to reporting guidelines for the most commonly used funding bodies. If the one you are looking for is not there, please refer to the others category or contact your Research Advisor for help.

Cancer Research Trust New Zealand

The Cancer Research Trust funds a broad range of cancer-control research, training and education.

Cancer Society of New Zealand

The Cancer Society is a major funder of life-saving and world class cancer research.

The Cancer Society will email you a reporting template, prepopulated with the details of your grant, approximately three weeks prior to the report due date. Please complete the template and send it to your Research Advisor, who will check the report and submit it to the funder. Your Research Advisor or departmental Finance Associate will obtain the requested financial information. The links below contain sample report templates for your information.

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Cure Kids

Cure Kids’ mission is “to improve the health of children through research and its outcomes”.

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Dean’s Bequest (UOW)

Should be made on the form for the Otago Medical School Foundation Trust

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Health Research Council of New Zealand

Health Research Council of New Zealand manages the government’s investments in health research. Their vision is to improve the health and quality of life of all New Zealanders.

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Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust

The Healthcare Otago Charitable trust has funds available to invest in research and welcomes applications for research grants. All applications must clearly demonstrate linages to specific health outcomes and benefits to the communities of Otago in the short to medium term and as a matter of principle, the trustees will not fund national or international initiatives.

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InternetNZ funds individuals or organisations who are conducting research projects focused on the Internet. The research can be on (but not limited to) Internet access, policy technologies, Internet use performance and impacts.

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James Hume Bequest Grant (University of Otago)

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Lottery Health Research

Lottery Health supports research projects that translate into better health outcomes for New Zealanders, that address a significant health issue or gap in research knowledge in New Zealand.

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Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust

The Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust encourages the development of health-related research in New Zealand by providing funds for research support.
Reporting instructions: Please download the appropriate report template below, complete it, and upload to the MPPT portal. Once you click “submit” your Research Advisor will check your report and release it to MPPT.

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National Heart Foundation

Funds research that will improve the heart health of New Zealanders.

Reports are due in February each year. The Foundation contacts investigators in December and provides specific reporting instructions at that time.

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Neurological Foundation of New Zealand

The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand supports this country’s top neuroscientists to continue their leading-edge research into neurological disorders.

For project or small project grants, scholarships or fellowships, please complete the report template and submit it to your Research Advisor for checking.

For reporting details for travel grants or training opportunities, please refer to your notification letter or contact your Research Advisor..

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New Zealand Dental Association

The New Zealand Dental Research Foundation supports research in fields related to dentistry and oral health. The research supported by the NZDA seeks to find better ways to prevent, identify and treat oral diseases.

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New Zealand Pharmacy Education Research Fund (NZPERF)

NZPERF allocates funding to assist in the development of pharmacy education in New Zealand, to assist in research into the science and practice of pharmacy, and to ensure that New Zealand pharmacists have the opportunity to remain at the forefront of their profession.

Progress and completion reports are due on either 10 April or 20 October, depending on whether grants were awarded in the April or October round. Templates and instructions for completing the reports are sent out to individual grant holders a few weeks prior to the due date.

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Otago Medical Research Foundation

The Otago Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) administers OMRF, Laurenson and Jack Thomson Arthritis Fund awards.

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Otago Medical School Foundation Trust (including former DSM Dean’s Bequest)

Formerly called The Dean’s Bequest Fund, the Otago Medical School Foundation Trust supports one year grants for research in the Dunedin School of Medicine (DSM).

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Royal Society of New Zealand (Catalyst: Seeding, Leaders and Influence)

The Catalyst Fund supports activities that initiate, develop and foster collaborations leveraging international science and innovation for New Zealand’s benefit.
• Catalyst: Seeding facilitates new small and medium pre-research strategic partnerships with a view to developing full collaborations that could be supported through Catalyst: Strategic over time.
• Catalyst: Leaders supports incoming and outgoing targeted international fellowships for exceptional individuals that cannot be supported through other means.
• Catalyst: Influence supports New Zealand science sector participation in, and membership of, key international science fora and targeted engagement that cannot be supported through other means.

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Royal Society of New Zealand (Marsden Fund)

The Marsden Fund funds excellent fundamental research, benefitting society as a whole by contributing to the development of researchers with knowledge, skills and ideas.

Please note: Rutherford Discovery Fellowships and James Cook Fellowships (also administered by RSNZ) have different reporting requirements. Please refer to your contract or contact your Research Advisor.

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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

The RACP Foundation Awards provide support for innovative medical research and medical training and acknowledge excellence. Contract report templates for The Royal Australasian College of Physicians can be accessed here:

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University of Otago Research Grants (UORGs)

The University of Otago Research Grant (UORG) scheme is designed to support excellence in research and scholarship at the University of Otago.

Report coversheets are sent to Principal Investigators in mid-May. The coversheet and completed report form should be returned to Fiona Seaton (Research Committee Administrator) by email ( or internal mail (Fiona Seaton, Research & Enterprise Office, Centre for Innovation).

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While there are no templates for reports to some funding bodies (including Freemasons New Zealand, and HS and JC Anderson Trust), we offer these generic templates for your use if they are of assistance.

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