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In this edition of He Kitenga we show you some of Otago's diverse range of emerging talent. Captured here are the     disparate pathways into research that early career researchers follow.

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Activists and action

Dr Pooneh Torabian: Working in the margins

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Pooneh Torabian sitting on a sofa with colourful pillows

Dr Brodie Fraser: Focusing on LGBTIQ+ homelessness

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Brodie Fraser standing in front of trees

Dr Peter Gibbard: Power probe: The price of inertia

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Peter Gibbard standing outside with power poles in the background

Dr Anna High: Time for action

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Anna High standing in an alley wearing a brightly coloured dress

Novel Approaches

Dr Carolina Loch: Extracting stories from teeth

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Carolina Loch sitting in front of a shelf of fossils

Dr Daniel Alencar da Costa: Improving IT

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Daniel Alencar da Costa sitting on a bench outside next to a coffee truck

Dr Courtney Ennis: Message from Mars

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Courtney Ennis in front of an image of outer space

Dr Kate Thomas: Turning up the heat

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Kate Thomas kneeling outside with greenery in the background

Associate Professor Daniel Ribeiro: Shouldering responsibility

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Daniel Ribeiro standing in a examination room with a patient lying on a bed in the background

Curing Cancer

Dr Sarah Diermeier: Transforming cancer treatment

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Sarah Diermeier standing outside in front of the Department of Chemistry sign

Associate Professor Logan Walker: Re-coding the mysteries of cancer genetics

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Logan Walker wearing a lab coat inside of a lab

Mental Health

Dr Katie Douglas: Game-changing therapy

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Katie Douglas standing in front of a green lawn

Dr Matthew Jenkins: Connecting physical and mental health

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Matt Jenkins standing in front of a body of water

Dr Joon Kim: Anxiety control

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Joon Kim sitting on a rock in a forest next to a stream

Te Ao Māori

Dr Paula Toko King: Sovereign rights to health and wellbeing

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Paula King sitting in front of a pond

Dr James Berghan: Creating Kaupapakāinga

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James Berghan standing outside with people in the background

Dr Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle: Giving back to the future

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A group of people laughing together outside with trees in the background

Dr Alana Alexander: Genomics for good

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Alana Alexander sitting at a desk with a computer screen that is displaying lines of code

Dr Nathan Kenny: Mighty mussels

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Nathan Kenny holding muscles next to rocks

Associate Professor Karyn Paringatai: The enduring legacy of whakapapa

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Karyn Paringatai with children Manuhou and Matahi sitting on outside stairs

Dr Chanel Phillips: The whakapapa, mātauranga and tikanga of water safety

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Chanel Phillips standing on a beach with waves in the background

Improving the World

Dr Matt Larcombe: A passion for plants

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Matt Lacombe standing in the forest

Dr Susan Wardell: Bringing the heart online

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Susan Wardell holding a phone that is showing a heart emoji and hides one of her eyes

Dr Joseph Watts: Enhancing cultural understanding

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Joseph Watts standing in front of an outdoor wall mural

Dr Isaiah Immanuel: Diabetes disparity

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Isaiah Immanuel wearing a red shirt standing in front of glass building

Dr Anne Williams: Global nutrition: going the last mile

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Anne Williams in front of a grey background

Research Awards 2022

2022 Distinguished Research Medal: Jacinta Ruru

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Jacinta Ruru standing outside wearing a traditional korowai - a traditional feathered cloak_

2022 Rowheath Trust Award and Carl Smith Medal: Peter Mace

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2022 Early Career Awards for Distinction in Research

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