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Computer science is a very social activity, working in teams, and interacting with a very wide range of other organisations. Both the number of jobs available and the salary levels for graduates are well above average, and projected to rise.


With a qualification in computer science, typical careers include programming (“software engineering” / “software development”), systems administration, web development, supporting databases or networks, developing digital content (animation or games), testing, or project management.

Other options include teaching, research, or IT support roles within almost any organisation – science, commerce, government, education, media – everyone needs computing expertise!

Our graduate career profiles will give you an idea of the range of careers that computer science can lead to.

Advice on courses that support particular career paths

There are specific courses in our curriculum that support different career paths, please email the adviser to discuss this.



The following quote has been taken from

“The average salaries for computer and software engineering graduates vary, however it hovers around the NZ$72,000 mark. Starting salaries are closer to the $55,000 mark, although after a few years of experience employees in this sector can demand salaries in the six-figure range”.

On the site, search by selecting Opportunity Type “Graduate” and Study Field “IT and Computer Science”, to see a range of current jobs.

The site lists current vacancies by type, and there are always more Information and Communication Technology jobs listed than any other category.

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