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Jack Wynne - Info Science
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science. Data Analyst, KPMG New Zealand.

Despite studying a little bit of everything at high school, Jack Wynne eventually enrolled with the University of Otago's Department of Information Science. He knew he was interested in how technology was used in society and in business, and because the department stood out from the same courses available at other New Zealand universities, he settled in Dunedin.

Due to the complementary relationship between technology and business, Jack chose to study a Bachelor of Commerce – majoring in finance – alongside information science.

In the last year of the course, students take a paper (INFO 301) where they work on a project for an external client. Jack particularly enjoyed this paper because “it's really just open to however you want to address [the client's] problem [and] you're marked more on how you do the work as opposed to the end product itself.”

Jack recommends the course to all students, explaining that “it's where business is going”.

“Companies are increasingly keen to have employees who know how technology works in-depth and who are able to go to the customer to clearly offer solutions to the problems they're facing.”

With his Otago degree, and practical experience gained during development work for a local firm and two internships, Jack feels well prepared for his next endeavour, working as a data analyst for KPMG.

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