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Science in Society


Science in Society is an embodiment of crossovers between the arts and sciences and utilises a range of multimedia tools and theoretical frameworks. The canvas of this area is large and explores new methods and perspectives in science communication, including museum exhibitions, fostering scientist liaisons with government agencies, illustrations for medical professionals - just to name a few. We live in a world dominated by science and technology. Science grows ever more specialised, yet if we are to understand the changes we see in the sociopolitical landscape and help drive a more sustainable future, science communicators must speak in a language that is understandable, compelling and inclusive. If you select this endorsement, you will: 

  • Learn elements of design and how to craft stories.
  • Develop an understanding of what makes written and visual communication effective.
  • Learn how to communicate creatively in the digital realm.
  • Facilitate dialogue/debate, popularisation and/or contextualisation of contemporary scientific issues.
  • Explore the interface between science and society by researching public attitudes to science or different forms of communication.
  • If you enrol in a Masters degree, you will produce an original creative work, such as audio or video media, educational resources, a museum installation, or a public exhibition. 

The papers in this endorsement area include: