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In 1915 Einstein published his Theory of General Relativity - he had published his Theory of Special Relativity earlier but this general theory was more complex. In the 100 years since, mathematicians have worked on his theories and equations, working out solutions that even Einstein thought were impossible.

As technology moves on and space exploration reaches further and further out, Einstein's theories are being proven experimentally and by observation too.

We asked researchers - staff and students - to explain aspects of General Relativity for us, and also how they got interested in this area in the first place. We hope you find their answers enlightening!

Dr Florian Beyer (Researcher and Teacher)

Newton's ideas about gravity compared with Einstein's ideas about gravity

Boris Daszuta (PhD student)

Explanation of black holes

Leon Escobar (PhD student)

Practical applications of General Relativity: GPS

Professor Jorg Frauendiener (researcher and teacher)

Gravitational Waves: what are they and how do we know they exist?

Dr Jorg Hennig (Researcher and Teacher)

Gravitational Lensing

Dr Gerrard Liddell (Researcher and Teacher)

Time Dilation and the Twin Paradox

Vee-Liem Saw (PhD student)

Wormholes: shortcuts through space-time

Chris Stevens (PhD student)

Explanations around the Big Bang Theory

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