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BiteSize Science

During the Science Festival Expo in 2016 we invited postgraduate students and their supervisors to share a short talk on the student's research. We recorded them so you could  enjoy them later...

We've grouped the talks loosely by topic; choose fom the list below or use the headings to go to the different topic areas. The videos are all loaded on our YouTube channel, so you could work through them there also.

Fundamental and applied sciences

Are swedes killing cows?
Ian Latimer and Belinda Cridge (Pharmacology)

Stress and strain: drilling into the Alpine Fault
Jack Williams and Loren Matthewson (Geology)

From counterfeit medicine detection to solar cells; the diverse applications of Raman spectroscopy
Georgina Shillito and Sara Miller (Chemistry)

Where do the whitebait go?
Jason Augspurger and Gerry Closs (Zoology)

Climate Change Risk Perception: Is it just a matter of time?
Jean Fletcher and Nancy Longnecker (Science Communication)


How do we develop the moral sense of right versus wrong?
Ashley Hinten and Damian Scarf (Psychology)

How to influence behavior: an introduction to operant theory.
Thom Elston (Psychology)

The neuroscience behind Disney Pixar’s Inside Out
Blake Porter (Psychology)

Brain Cells that go bad in Alzheimers disease
Anurag Singh and Cliff Abraham (Psychology)

FoMO on the piss!
Ben Riordan and Damian Scarf (Psychology)

Are there limits to the questions that science can answer?
Evan Balkcom (Psychology)

Human Health

Built Environment and Active Transport to School: BEATS Study
Kek Chiew Ching and Sandy Mandic ( School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences)

Gazing into a crystal ball; future treatments for Parkinson’s disease.
Stella Cameron and Louise Parr-Brownlie (Anatomy)

We know Uric Acid causes gout - does it also determine success of stem cell therapy?
Cindy Cheakhun and Andrew Bahn (Physiology)

How does bone marrow make cancer hard to treat?
Chloe Squires and Sarah Baird (Pharmacology)

Why did we make glowing fish?
Amarni Thomas and Julia Horsfield (Pathology)

Grow.Cook.Eat. Food literacy and NZ children.
Lara Ware and Sheila Skeaff (Human Nutrition)