Postgraduate Study Pathways

For workers looking to upskill, Applied Science's postgraduate qualifications offer a stepped approach:
  • a 20 point paper with a Supervised independent Study project - which you can base on a development or problem-solving at work - gives you a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCertAppSc). We strongly recommend that this certificate includes at least one of the required papers for your chosen major.
  • a further semester of study - exploring entrepreneurship and innovation, looking at project management or developing higher level skills in your previous area of study - gives you a diploma qualification (PGDipAppSc)
  • this can then lead into a Masters qualification with one more semester of study.


Optional papers for the PGCertAppSc, PGDipAppSc and MAppSc

Adding optional papers can give your programme of study more focus and demonstrate your particular strengths and interests.

View the list of optional papers

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science

MAppSC stepsA Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science is just 60 points; it's modular and can be work-based. Postgraduate study in Applied Science is staircased, to make it achievable for people in work. The entry-level certificate, worth 60 points, can be completed within one semester.

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science

The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science (PGDipAppSc) is a two semester programme, which builds on an undergraduate Applied Science degree. It allows people who are currently working to undertake blocks of study - one block for the certificate, a second block to complete the diploma. Alternatively, students may wish to complete the 120 point diploma programme in a continuous run.

Master of Applied Science

The MAppSc is a twelve month qualification and is available in a range of disciplines spanning the entire Division of Sciences, not confined to those majors available in the undergraduate programme in Applied Science. Click the link below to see the table showing the differentiation between the MSc and MAppSc options for each subject. The sections in bold indicate a new degree offering - either MSc or MAppSc.

These papers are offered as part of the MAppSc programme:

APPS401 - Management of Scientific Knowledge (20 points)
APPS597 - Supervised Independent Study (40 points)

APPS598 - Workplace-based Project (40 points)

View the list of available majors for the MAppSc and/or MSc.

Bachelor of Applied Science Honours

Students wishing to follow through on a research project, with the possibility of pursuing research further in postgraduate study, could consider a BAppSc (Hons). This one year postgraduate programme has within it a strong research component, and leads on to the PhD.

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