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Admissions overview

This page gives a brief summary of the admissions processes and requirements for limited entry programmes in the Division of Sciences. This is not intended as a complete prescription. Please refer to the specific entries for each programme - these are linked from each of the headings below.

Clinical Psychology

  • Applications are due by the 20th of October in the year prior to commencing study 
  • The programme takes up to 10 students each year
  • Application needs to include a letter of intent and two references
  • If transferring from another tertiary institution, your application needs to include academic transcript
  • Students will be completing the PGDip in Clinical Psychology concurrently with either an MSc or PhD in the Department of Psychology
  • The programme takes no less than two years
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  • Applications close on the 1st of November, in the year prior to study
  • Please include your Curriculum Vitae, the application also requires two short essays and two referees reports.
  • If transferring from another tertiary institution, please include your academic transcript
  • The programme takes approximately 34 students each year
  • It is a two year programme, including a six month placement in a hospital, working with a Dietitian
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Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science

  • Applications are based on Year 12 academic results for secondary school leavers
  • Alternatively, students can apply at the end of a first year of study at Otago, based on their academic results in that year.
  • The programme takes up to 200 students each year
  • This is a four year programme, with the first two years being very similar across all four majors
  • In years three and four, students specialise in the specific majors available
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Science Communication

  • Applications need to include a letter of intent, a portfolio of work or a website and two references
  • This is a two year programme
  • The degree comes in three specialisations: film-making, writing and popularising science.
  • Each of these three areas will take a maximum of 12 students each year.
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  • Open entry into intermediate year - application is made on the basis of the intermediate year's results
  • This is a four year programme, including the intermediate year
  • Each year's intake is a total of 60 - 65 students
  • Repeat applications are allowed
  • For Diploma of Surveying graduates from AUT (Auckland University of Technology), transcripts need to be provided, and credit will be given for the study completed.
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Wildlife Management

  • Applications close on the 1st of November for study the following year
  • Applications need to include Curriculum Vitae, letter of intent and academic transcript
  • The programme takes a maximum of 15 students each year
  • Students must have a B+ average at 300 level
  • Study in Wildlife Management is available as a Postgraduate Diploma (120 points), as a Master of Wildlife Management ( 180 points), or as a Master of Science (Wildlife Management) (240 points)
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