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Profiles of postgraduate science students

Abhishek Kumar thumbnail

Abhishek Kumar

He is hoping to live the dream of all Antarctic researchers and take a rare trip to the icy continent...

Alapasita Teu thumbnail

Alapasita Teu

If Alapasita Teu has her way, there will be a lot of New Zealanders much like her in the future – Pacific Islanders who are fit, healthy and engaged in regular physical activity.

Aleisha Moore thumbnail

Aleisha Moore

“I have the privilege of helping equip the next generation of students and researchers with the experience, knowledge, and intellectual independence that can accelerate their own careers in STEM.”

Ali Rashidinejad thumbnail

Ali Rashidinejad

Ali is originally from Iran and moved to New Zealand to do a PhD in Food Science at Otago at the beginning of 2012.

Amirah Osama - Zoology thumbnail

Amirah Osama

Amirah Osama's interest in zoology was sparked after taking part in a Hands-On at Otago course as a senior in high school.

Anita Middlemiss thumb

Anita Middlemiss

From the decline of grand skinks in Otago, Zoology Master's graduate Anita Middlemiss has shifted her sights to lizards in the Whanganui National Park.


Bonar Carson

I wanted to know how and why everything in the world worked and Physics was the best way to answer those questions.

Bridget Lysagt thumb

Bridget Lysaght

“Dunedin really is a student city, it’s a great place to live when you’re a student.”


Deirdre Anderson

I hope to work with elite athletes and find ways of helping them become faster and stronger.


Dr Lisa Te Morenga

“I wanted to work in the area of diabetes, obesity and chronic diseases because they were issues that were the most relevant and important for Māori."

Dylan Martyn thumb

Dylan Martyn

Human-centred design is about looking at daily life- aiming to make tedious things easier, enjoyable things unexpectedly satisfying.

Enitan Ibisanmi profile thumbnail

Enitan Ibisanmi

Just exchanging emails with the Department of Chemistry was enough to get Enitan Ibisanmi fired up for a PhD at Otago.


Georgia Bell

I’d love to go back to my community to teach young students that you don’t need a lot of money, or to come from a flash background to excel academically.

Jaye Moors thumbnail

Jaye Moors

Most new students expect challenges in their first year at University, but Jaye Moors had the added pressure of acclimatising to Dunedin’s climate after moving from Samoa.

Mark Preece thumb

Mark Preece

Mark Preece (Te Iwi Morriori, Te Atiawa) was born on the Chatam Islands; his dad was a crayfisherman, and Mark wanted to stay working at sea.

Natalie Harfoot thumb

Natalie Harfoot

Using the same technology you see on CSI, Natalie Harfoot examines a new set of samples.

Patila Malua Amosa thumbnail

Patila Malua Amosa

"It can be difficult to transition from full-time work to full-time study, but the staff here are very welcoming and helpful.”

Paul Bond thumb

Paul Bond

Working on classified military projects, with a name like Bond, one might imagine top secret bunkers and Q-like gadgetry.

Shelley MacDonell thumbnail

Shelley MacDonell

Shelley believes that she could not have done her research in any other department.

Stephanie Rigter thumb

Stephanie Rigter

Stephanie Rigter, Entomophagy: Understanding Consumers’ Discourses towards Eating Insects in New Zealand

Thomas Brew_thumb

Tom Brew

"My time at Otago fostered my interest in cancer genetics research."