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Thomas BrewTom Brew
Master of Science with Distinction (Genetics)

Exposure to an array of study options in his first year has paid off for Genetics graduate Tom Brew, who is now working in a field he loves.

“My original plan was to get into medical school, but I loved the genetics aspects of my first year of study. The subject, and science in general, had always interested me and this prompted a switch to a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Genetics, followed by a master's degree, also in Genetics.”

Since finishing his studies, Tom has been working as part of the Research and Development team at Pacific Edge Limited, a molecular diagnostics company with a focus on the early detection and management of bladder cancer.

“My time at Otago, particularly my postgraduate study in the Cancer Genetics Laboratory, prepared me really well for this work and fostered my interest in cancer genetics research. The lecturers did an excellent job, and the hands-on lab sessions were great for applying new knowledge.”

Thomas has two key pieces of advice for new students.

“Make sure you have a balanced lifestyle. I enjoyed spending time with my friends as well as mountain biking in the Redwoods area.

“And be flexible in your choice of study. Don't resist a temptation to change courses if you think you've found something that interests you more.”

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