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Profiles of undergraduates science student

Taylor Davies Colley thumbnail

Taylor Davies-Colley

From a young age Taylor Davies-Colley was intrigued by the natural world.

Sarah Adam thumb

Sarah Adam

It was the international quality of staff and facilities at the Department of Food Science that brought Sarah to Otago.

Olivia Glazebrook thumb

Olivia Glazebrook

Olivia Glazebrook, Heinz Watties recipient and graduate of the Food Science Department

Nathan Alexander Thumb

Nathan Alexander

Becoming a teacher wasn’t always Nathan’s plan. He moved to Otago from Christchurch to study Phys-Ed exclusively, on the recommendation of teachers who had told him it was “the best place in the country” to study the subject.

Monica Singh thumb

Monica Singh

Monica Singh knows first hand the range of jobs a Biochemistry degree opens up.

Mike Owen thumbnail

Mike Owen

“One of the real highlights of the job is being able to see a large part of the country.”


Marewa Kraak

"We launched the business at the end of 2013, and it’s growing really fast. We’re just making the move into supermarkets, we’ve launched into Australia, and we’re exploring the wider global market."

Lauren Tooley_Geology_Thumb

Lauren Tooley

“Doing lab work every week with approachable professors makes learning a lot easier.”

Kurt McEwan thumbnail

Kurt McEwen

My Otago course covered quite a spectrum from abstract and conceptual design thinking to pragmatic subjects such as physics, mathematics and manufacturing principles.

Katie Chong thumbnail

Katie Chong

“We have learned that a particle can be in two different places at once ...”

Kate Beer thumb

Kate Beer

In her final year of a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Kate Beer says she's enjoyed everything about studying at Otago so far.

Jonathan Broom thumb

Jonathan Broom

Having completed one year of his Psychology degree, Jonathan is enthusiastic about the more specialised study which beckons in his second and third years.

Jimmy Van der Pauw thumbnail

Jimmy Van der Pauw

The School of Surveying at Otago is New Zealand’s only national school of surveying - students are very lucky to have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of lecturers who deliver a well-rounded skillset to the students – “something that I have used every day of my career thus far”.

Jane Oliver thumbnail

Jane Oliver

“I worked on several projects with major New Zealand companies as part of my study, which really exposed me to what the industry was like.”

Elliot Munro_Chemistry_Thumb

Elliot Munro

“It was a real step up from high school, especially all the facilities for practical work.”


Deborah Rowley

Deborah is currently employed by BP Australia Pty Ltd as an Environmental Project Manager, where her role requires her to manage BP’s environmental liabilities and liability prevention.

Charlotte Goldsmith thumbnail

Charlotte Goldsmith

She believes Genetics is “the fastest-moving and most exciting of scientific disciplines that exists today.”


Allanah Kidd

Allanah Kidd chose to study at Otago because of the quality teaching and research as well as the life skills and independence students gain living here. She had planned a double degree in Commerce and Science, but found the Applied Science degree in Environmental Management delivered exactly what she wanted.