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Horgabost Beach

  • Dr Benjamin Wilkie (Deakin University)
    Dr Wilkie is an Australian-based historian who has researched and written widely on the history of the Scottish diaspora. He has been particularly interested in Scottish social networks, business connections, migrations, and culture abroad, and his PhD thesis explored the historical relationships between Scotland, Australia, and the British Empire.
    In 2014, Ben was nominated as a Fellow of Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. His book, The Scots in Australia 1788-1938, was the first in the Scottish Historical Review Trust's second monograph series, and was published by Boydell Press and in November 2017. During this time, he has taught undergraduate courses in history, politics, and Australian Studies, and has received numerous educational awards. Ben has also been a regular contributor to popular Scottish magazines, newspapers, and online media.
    His current ongoing research projects include a comparative history of Scottish trade, enterprise, and investment and their contribution to the development of colonial economies, as well as research in environmental history.


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