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John Stenhouse

Email: john.stenhouse@otago.ac.nz

John Stenhouse, Associate Professor of History, hails from Scottish ancestors on both sides, and proudly wears the McNeill tartan in honour of his paternal grandmother. His interest in Scottish and Presbyterian history bloomed in the course of researching a PhD thesis on the Darwinian debates in nineteenth-century New Zealand. Controversy over the social, moral, metaphysical and religious meanings of evolution flared repeatedly in Dunedin, especially amongst Presbyterians. Getting to grips with these debates drew him inexorably back into Scottish and Presbyterian history, without which New Zealand history cannot adequately be understood. Scots and Presbyterians of all kinds - conservative Calvinist ministers, first-wave feminists, freethinkers, heretics, and anticlerical radicals - feature prominently in his research, supervision and teaching. A current research project on the role of Christian missionaries in making and globalizing modern science has strengthened his conviction that Scots and Presbyterians have influenced the modern world out of proportion to their numbers. He is delighted to support the establishment of Scottish Studies, which is already enhancing his research, supervision and teaching in many ways.

Sean Brosnahan

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