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Programme and speakers

The Clinical and Research Excellence Spring Webinar Series will feature presentations from our academic, clinical and research staff, invited speakers and postgraduate students. Six sessions are scheduled, two of approximately 80 minutes and four of approximately 60 minutes. CPD points are available for each session.

Tuesday 1 September, 6pm - 7.20pm

Chair: Professor Richard Cannon
Director, Sir John Walsh Research Institute
Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Dentistry

Danielle Hodgkinson | DClinDent candidate (Orthodontics)
Clinical presentation: My teeth are too big!

Parham Hosseini | PhD student
Research presentation: Functional expression of Aspergillus fumigatus CYP51 isoforms in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jessica YJ Lee | DClinDent candidate (Oral Surgery)
Research presentation: Pre-emptive efficacy of sustained-release ibuprofen and etoricoxib in third molar surgery

Saeideh Nobakht | DClinDent candidate (Periodontics)
Research presentation: Pleiotrophin family gene and protein expression in a sheep tooth socket model of bone healing

Associate Professor James Ussher | Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Invited presentation: Development of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines: an update

Thursday 3 September, 6pm - 7.20pm

Chair: Associate Professor Sunyoung Ma
Associate Dean (Postgraduate), Faculty of Dentistry

Dr Abdullah Barazanchi | Lecturer, Department of Oral Rehabilitation
Research presentation: Improvement of shade matching ability of undergraduate students by use of self-directed online teaching tools

Abdelahman Badarneh | DClinDent candidate (Prosthodontics)
Research presentation: Wear of glazed vs non-glazed aged and non-aged translucent monolithic zirconia against bovine enamel

Finn Gilroy | DClinDent candidate (Endodontics)
Clinical presentation: Perforation management in a medically compromised patient

Alessandra Paras | BDentTech (Honours) student
Research presentation: Real-time measurement of the denture-mucosa pressure distribution in edentulous patients: an in-vitro study

Elisa Gaoyang Li | BDentTech (Honours) student
Research presentation: Wear of bulk-fill composite resins cured at different light curing intensity

Tuesday 8 September, 6pm - 7pm

Chair: Professor Darryl Tong
Head of Department, Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences
Head of Discipline, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr Nick Heng | Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral Sciences
Research presentation: Bacteriocins and bacteriocin resistance: A tale of streptococcal genomes

Danielle Hodgkinson | DClinDent candidate (Orthodontics)
Research presentation: Do Orthodontic Extractions Affect Faces?

Jessica YJ Lee | DClinDent candidate (Oral Surgery)
Clinical presentation: Pleomorphic adenoma of the palate

Thursday 10 September, 6pm - 7pm

Chair: Associate Professor Lara Friedlander
Head of Discipline, Endodontics
Deputy Programme leader, Oral Molecular and Immunopathology

Dr Lee Adam | Lecturer, Oral Sciences and Programme Leader, Dental Education Research
Research presentation: Maintaining Mana: Clinical teachers’ strategies for effective feedback

Rachel Farrar | DClinDent candidate (Orthodontics)
Research presentation: Development of an ovine model to investigate the effects of orthodontic tooth movement

Payman Hamadani | DClinDent candidate (Endodontics)
Clinical presentation: Dental trauma and its sequelae

Tuesday 15 September, 6pm - 7pm

Chair: Mrs Alison Meldrum
Associate Dean (Undergraduate), Faculty of Dentistry
Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral Sciences
Head of Discipline, Paediatric Dentistry

Yvonne Golpak | DClinDent candidate (Paediatric Dentistry)
Research presentation: Effectiveness of bi-annual application of 38% silver diamine fluoride and 5% sodium fluoride varnish on caries in primary teeth of Papua New Guinean children

Gracie Nichols | DClinDent candidate (Orthodontics)
Research presentation: The longitudinal effects of malocclusion on psychosocial health

Saeideh Nobakht | DClinDent candidate (Periodontics)
Clinical presentation: Decision-making in the management of residual periodontal pockets

Tatiana Tkatchenko | DClinDent candidate (Periodontics)
Research presentation: Histomorphometric and radiographic evaluation of ovine forestomach matrix collagen membrane combined with Bio-Oss® bone graft in a sheep tooth extraction model

Thursday 17 September, 6pm - 7pm

Chair: Professor Mauro Farella
Programme leader, Craniofacial Research
Head of Discipline, Orthodontics

Yu-Lynn Lee | DClinDent candidate (Paediatric Dentistry)
Research presentation: Bonding universal dental adhesive resin to developmentally hypomineralised enamel

James Millar | DClinDent candidate (Orthodontics)
Research presentation: Efficacy of air-polishing in managing biofilm in patients wearing fixed orthodontic appliances

Gracie Nichols | DClinDent candidate (Orthodontics)
Clinical presentation: Rehabilitation after hemi-mandibular resection for an ameloblastoma: A multidisciplinary approach

Anumala Ram | DClinDent candidate (Periodontics)
Research presentation: Expression of osteogenic markers in grafted bone healing sheep model

Approximate presentation lengths (excluding questions): 20 minutes for staff and invited speakers, 12 minutes for DClinDent and PhD students, and 10 minutes for BDentTech (Honours) students. 

Sessions are structured around themes emerging from our clinical disciplines and research programmes

Our research programmes

Biomechanics and oral implantology

Understanding the forces in the mouth.

Clinical and translational research

Fostering research to improve patient care.

Craniofacial research

Investigating dentofacial growth and jaw function.

Dental education research

Understanding how students learn and fostering best practices in teaching.

Dental epidemiology and public health

Population and dental health services research.

Molecular microbiology

Preventing oral diseases caused by microorganisms.

Oral molecular and immunopathology

Understanding oral diseases in order to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Our clinical disciplines


Dental Technology


General Practice Dentistry

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Biology

Oral Health

Oral Medicine

Oral Pathology

Oral Surgery


Paediatric Dentistry


Preventive and Restorative Dentistry



Special Needs Dentistry