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Victoria Alogna (2013-2017) - "The Divergent Effects of Prayer on Cognitive Performance"

Helen Owen (2012-2016) - "Truth in Text: Why Simple Language is Perceived as More Credible" 

Jo Secher (2011-2015) - "Overhyped and Underresearched: What Explains Risk Perception of Malicious Hazards?"

David Barton (2012-2015) - "Exploring a Social "Bouba-Kiki" Effect and the Affective Consequences of Having a Congruent Versus Incongruent Name"

Azra Jahanitabesh (2010-2013) - "The Concreteness Effect: The Impact of Depressive Rumination on Recognition and Interpretation of Facial Expressions in Dysphoric Women" (Co-Supervised with Fernando)

Tristan Phillips (2008-2013) - "Motive, Character and the Moral Good: Elaboration on a Footnote"

Jonathan Jong (2008-2011) - "Scaring the Bejesus Into People: The Effects of Mortality Salience on Explicit and Implicit Religious Belief" (Co-Supervised with Dawes)

Donna Anderson (2007-2010) - "The Influence of Entitlement Attitudes on Effortful, Self-Directed Behaviour" (Co-Supervised with Conner)

Paul Knox (2007-2010) - "Memory Biases in Social Anxiety" (Co-Supervised with Knight)

Mami Yamaguchi (2007-2011) - "Pitfalls of Extrinsic Goal Pursuit: Wellbeing, Life Goals, and Self-Focused Attention" (Co-Supervised with Conner)

Kumari Fernando (2002-2006) - "A Good Woman: Silencing the Self, Rumination and Depression in Romantic Relationships"

Evonne Miller (2000-2004) - "Media and Body Image: Exploring the Discrepancy Between Body Perception and Satisfaction"


Zoe Morris Trainor (2018) - "When do People Turn to Religion to Cope with Trauma?"

Kahla Redman (2017) - "Fiction Reading and Sexism: Exploring the Effects of Fiction Reading and Transportation on Sexist Attitudes"

Laura McCambridge (2013-2015) - "Social Effects of Causal Opacity and Pain in Rituals"

Arnika van den Berg (2012-2015) - "Name-Face Congruency in Biracials: Perception of Euraskians in New Zealand"

Ben Riordan (2011-2013) - "Positive Affect and Typicality: An Investigation of Flexible Categorization Accounts" 

Sam O'Sullivan (2010-2013) - "The 'Right' Name Feels Right: The Influence of Stimulus 'Fit' on Affective Experience" 

Neville Todd (2009-2012) - "Is Self-Esteem Embodied?: The Influence of Vertical Orientation on Self-Esteem and Domain Specific Sociometers"

Rajshree Krishan (2009-2010) - "Mood Congruency in Affective Forecasting: The Effects of Current Mood in Near Versus Distant Future Predictions"

Fraser Cross (2007-2009) - "Heroes of Villains: The Moderating Role of Perceived Typicality in the Perception of Positive and Negative Stereotypes"

Tina Vater (2006-2008) - "The Relationships Among Prototypicality, Attractiveness and Frequency in Emotional Faces"

Mark Phillips (2006-2009) - "The Role of Salient Affective Information During Decisions Employing Analytic Thought" 

Anna Reynolds (2006-2008) - "Implicit Egotism and Self-Esteem"

Donna Anderson (2005-2007) - "The Influence of Affect on Internal Information Use" 

Shaysta Dean (2005-2007) - "The Mechanisms of Reasons Analysis and Chronic Reasoning in Person Perception" 

Myalisa Stevens (2005-2006) - "Intuition and Face Perception"

Steve Catty (2001-2004) - "To Think or Not To Think?: An Overcomplication Account of Reasons Analysis"

Carolyn Jones (2001-2006) - "Mood and Partner Choice, How One Affects the Other"

Clayton Badland (2000-2002) - "The Influence of Emotional Response on Social Categorization" 

William Jorgensen (2000) - "Incongruity, Resolution, Humour, and Creativity: Are Bad Puns Really All Bad?"

Eva Lobach (1998-1999) - "Mood and Decision Making" (Co-Supervised with Koele)

Honours and Undegraduate

Jenn Arrell (2016) - "Religion, Intuition and Reasoning on an Ease-of-Retrieval Task"

Jenn Arrell (2015) - "The Effect of Secular Rituals on Religious and Nonreligious Individuals' Fusion with Their Country"