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Biomechanics Laboratory

Biomechanics Lab Vicon 650

Equipment and software

3D and 6D Motion Analysis Systems

Biomechanics Lab Nexus Cameras 226The Vicon system uses multiple high definition, high speed cameras to track the location of a large number of reflective skin markers in three dimensions.  Collecting at frame rates up to 1000 frames per second we can accurately track the movement of markers in a wide variety of situations.

Our Polhemus Fast Trac is used to collect highly accurate 6D real time relative movement data for gait and limb analysis.  We have 8 markers, all with three dimensional position and orientation data, when very precise measurements are required.

Force Plate

AMTI LG6-2-1 and OR6-5-1 force platforms simultaneously measure three force components along the xyz axes and three moment components about the xyz axes.

Pressure Sensors

F-Scan system is capable of evaluating dynamic locomotive pressures on the entire plantar aspect of the foot. F-Mat provides graphically informative 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional display of pressure analysis

Timing Light System

Developed here at the School of Physical Education incorporates a micro-controller and LCD timer display panel cabled to tripod-mounted light gates and utilises infrared photoelectric switches. This system provides instant, accurate split times, lap times and count laps for comparison.

Biomechanics Lab Software 226Visual 3D

We have a number of licenses available for the Visual 3D software package for processing and exporting the motion analysis data.


The University has access to the MATLAB data collection and analysis software and we have a number of skilled programmers available for teaching and support.