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Postgraduate students

Postgraduate Students 2019


  • Chelsea Cunningham
    Māori Physical Education and Health - Supervisors: Anne-Marie Jackson, Huiti Hakopa, Richard Walter
  • Bethany Geckle
    Cultural Studies, Sport History/Sociology - Supervisors: Doug Booth, Sally Shaw, Rosemary Overell (Media, Film and Communication)
  • Travis Gibbons
    Environmental physiology – Supervisors: Jim Cotter, Phil Ainslie (School of Health and Exercise Science – University of British Columbia – Okanagan), Kate Thomas (Department of Surgical Sciences – University of Otago), Luke Wilson (Department of Medicine – University of Otago)
  • Colleen Gulick
    Exercise Physiology - Supervisors: Nancy Rehrer, Meredith Peddie- Dept. of Human Nutrition
  • Shannon McNatty
    Supervisors: Chris Button, Margie Campbell-Price (Education), Mike Boyes
  • Luke Macris
    Sport Policy / Sport Management - Supervisor: Michael Sam, Steven J. Jackson
  • Ngahuia Mita
    Supervisors: Anne-Marie Jackson, Hauiti Hakopa
  • Corey Perrett
    Biomechanics - Supervisors: Peter Lamb & Melanie Bussey
  • Sebastian Potgieter
    History - Supervisors: Doug Booth, Mark Falcous
  • Jamie Prout
    Supervisors: Jim Cotter, Regis Lamberts (Dpt. of Physiology), Stacy Sims (University of Waikato), and Jo Corbett (University of Portsmouth, UK)
  • Mohammad Lutfur Rahman
    Supervisors: Sandy Mandic, Tony Moore (Surveying)
  • Brandon Rasman
    Supervisors: Chris Button, Jon Shemmell (UOO Wellington)
  • Terina Raureti
    Supervisors: Associate Professor Anne-Marie Jackson, Dr Chanel Phillips, Professor Chris Button
  • Janelle Romanchuk
    Supervisors: Associate Professor Melanie Bussey, Dr Peter Lamb. Topic: Concussions in snow sports athletes
  • Troy Ruhe
    Physical Activity and Health - Supervisors: Lynnette Jones, Faafetai Sopoaga (University of Otago- Preventative Medicine), Debra Waters (University of Otago-Physio)
  • Emily Scott
    School Health and Physical Education - Supervisors: Lisette Burrows (Waikato University), Tania Cassidy
  • Margaretha Situmorang
    Supervisors: Associate Professor Sandy Mandic, Associate Professor Kirsten Coppell, Associate Professor Michael Keall. Topic: Associations between Availability of Food Outlets and Dietary Behaviours among Adolescents Using Different Modes of Transport to School
  • Lourdes Turconi
    Sport Management - Supervisors: Associate Professor Sally Shaw and Mark Falcous


  • Samuel Baxter
    Circuit based resistance training effect on physical strength and body composition in breast cancer survivors. Supervisor: Associate Professor Lynnette Jones
  • Martin Burke
    Working Out in Forensic Mental Health: a phenomenological exploration of clinical staffs’ experiences as they try to change their clients’ exercise behaviors. Supervisors: Elaine Hargreaves, Ken Hodge
  • Jayden Pinfold
    Biomechanics - Supervisor: Melanie Bussey
  • Tukohirangi Pini
    Supervisors: Anne-Marie Jackson, Hauiti Hakopa
  • John Purnell
    The recommended training/performance physiological guidelines (e.g., max HR of 220 - age) are not appropriate for ageing competitive recreational athletes. To investigate these issues and propose applicable alternatives. Supervisor: Professor Jim Cotter
  • Kelsi Wallace
    Supervisors: Peter Lamb, Sofia Kalogeropou (Performing Arts)