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Janelle Romanchuk image 2021Email

Area of study

Injury prevention, biomechanics & concussion


Associate Professor Melanie Bussey
Dr. Peter Lamb
Dr. Cameron Ross, Snow Sports New Zealand

Thesis title

Neck strength and head accelerations in elite freestyle skiers and snowboarders


BSc Mechanical Engineering – University of Alberta, Canada
MSc Sports Engineering – Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Salmon, D.M., Romanchuk, J., Sullivan, S.J., Walters, S., Clacy, A., Register-Mihalik, J.K., Kerr, Z.Y., Whatman, C., Keung, S., 2020. Concussion knowledge, attitude and reporting intention in rugby coaches and high school rugby players. Int. J. Sport. Sci. Coach. 16, 54–69.

Salmon, D.M., McGowan, J., Sullivan, S.J., Murphy, I., Walters, S., Whatman, C., Keung, S., Clacy, A., Romanchuk, J., 2020. What they know and who they are telling: Concussion knowledge and disclosure behaviour in New Zealand adolescent rugby union players. J. Sports Sci. 38, 1585–1594.

Salmon, D., Romanchuk, J., Murphy, I., Sullivan, J., Walters, S., Whatman, C., Clacy, A., Keung, S., Van Der Vis, K., 2020. Infographic. New Zealand Rugby’s concussion management pathway. Br. J. Sports Med. 54, 298–299.

Salmon, D., Sullivan, J., Romanchuk, J., Murphy, I., Walters, S., Whatman, C., Clacy, A., Keung, S., Van Der Vis, K., 2020. Infographic. New Zealand rugby’s community concussion initiative: Keeping kiwi communities RugbySmart. Br. J. Sports Med. 54, 300–301.

Bussey, M.D., McLean, M., Pinfold, J., Anderson, N., Kiely, R., Romanchuk, J., Salmon, D., 2019. History of concussion is associated with higher head acceleration and reduced cervical muscle activity during simulated rugby tackle: An exploratory study. Phys. Ther. Sport 37, 105–112.


Romanchuk, J., Ross, C., Lamb, P., Bussey. (2020). Monitoring head accelerations with elite freestyle snow sports athletes: a pilot study. Sport & Exercise Science New Zealand (SESNZ), 2020, Christchurch.

Romanchuk, J., Salmon, D., Murphy, I., Harawira, J., Sullivan, J., Clacy, A., Cassidy, T., Hodge, K., Walters, S., Whatman, C. (2018). New Zealand Rugby Community Concussion Strategy: 2018 Pilot Study. Sport & Exercise Science New Zealand (SESNZ), 2018, Dunedin.

Romanchuk, J., Wheat, J., Barratt, P.R. (October 2015). Uncertainties in joint-specific power during sprint cycling: a Monte Carlo simulation. Canada Sport Innovation (SPIN) Summit, 2015, Toronto, Canada.


University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship
Sheffield Hallam University International Student Scholarship


Outdoor adventures, skiing, rugby and cooking