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Undergraduate Study

The School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences offers 4 majors and 4 minors:

Majors Degree Minors

Exercise and Sport Science


Exercise and Sport Science

Physical Education, Activity and Health


Physical Activity and Health

Sports Technology


Sports Technology

Sport Development and Management

BA or BSc

Sport Development and Management

Exercise and Sport Science (BSc)

The Exercise and Sport Science major curriculum is aligned with the accrediting bodies Sport & Exercise New Zealand and Exercise and Sport Science Australia. This major consists of four main sub-disciplines:

  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise physiology
  • Motor control and motor learning
  • Sport and exercise psychology

About the Bachelor of Science

This major sits within the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. Minors and second majors can be taken as part of the degree, but they are not compulsory. Please note that any of the School’s majors and minors can be combined with the Exercise and Sport Science BSc major.

Physical Education, Activity and Health (BAppSc)

Topics covered in this major include:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Physical education
  • Exercise prescription
  • Community health promotion
  • Practical experience, including exercise laboratories and outdoor classrooms.

Sport Development and Management (BA or BSc)

This major is the one only of its kind in New Zealand. Topics covered in this major include:

  • Sport marketing and management
  • Sport policy and law
  • Media studies
  • Sport sociology

Choosing between the BSc and BA

Depending on the papers chosen, this major can be taken in either the Bachelor of Science (BSc) or the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees offering flexibility for those interested primarily in sciences or arts/humanities. Minor and second majors can be taken as part of either of these degrees, but are not required.

Please note that any of the School’s majors and minors can be combined with the Sport Development and Management major.

Sports Technology (BAppSc)

The sports technology major in a diverse, interdisciplinary field. Study in this major could lead you to applications such as:

  • Modelling of human movement
  • Sports performance analysis
  • Athlete workload monitoring
  • Brain-blood flow neurophysiology
  • Broadcasting of sporting events

About the Bachelor of Applied Science

These majors sit within the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) degree. Every BAppSc degree has a compulsory minor or second major. The BAppSc programme encourages real-world business awareness, enabling you to apply what you have learned to any organisation you work for.

Note that each of the School’s majors can be taken as a second major in the BAppSc degree. Each of our majors also has an associated minor which could be taken with the a BAppSc major.

How to apply to study in the School of PE, Sport & Exercise Sciences

To apply for our new majors, please follow this step by step process:

See Enrolling at Otago and the Guide to Enrolment for an overview of the process, and create an eVision account if necessary.

Apply for the overall programme that the major sits in

  • A Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) for the Sports Development and Management major (SPDM)
  • A Bachelor of Science (BSc) for the Exercise and Sports Science Major (EXSS)
  • A Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) for the Physical Education Activity and Health Major (PEAH) and the Sport Technology Major (SPTE).

Then you will be asked to choose the major that you want to apply to, e.g., SPDM, EXSS, PEAH or SPTE

If you run into any problems the quickest way to get help is to email, chat or phone the University Ask Otago team on 0800 80 80 98 and they can walk you through it or enter data while you are on the phone to them.

What are the entrance criteria?

The entrance criteria is University Entrance, refer to Otago website for more detail

Otago students also have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of our global student exchange/study abroad programme.

We accept applications for entry into the programmes offered by the School throughout the year.

Please see Enrolling at Otago for the process.

For specific course related advice email: