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Category Information & Communications Technology
Type Policy
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, August 2009
Date Policy Took Effect 26 August 2009
Last approved revision 30 June 2011
Sponsor Director, Information Technology Services
Responsible officer Manager Information Security


The purpose of this Policy is to define the specifications / requirements which all email servers must meet.

Organisational scope

This Policy applies University wide.


1. Policy

  1. To reduce virus infections on campus and to stop inappropriate email relaying, all existing email servers on campus must relay external email through the central mailhubs and must also use those systems to scan incoming email.
  2. If an additional email server is required, the head of the department or section wishing to set up the server should write to the Director of the Information Technology Services Division to explain the need for the email server.
  3. Administrators of all email servers that use the mailhubs are required to implement suitable anti-relay policies for their systems. This will vary for each server but must ensure that non authorised users do not relay email through the server. This is to ensure the overall integrity of the University email system.
  4. Only the central mailhubs will be able to communicate off campus for email on the smtp port (port 25).

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