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Category Information & Communications Technology
Type Policy
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, August 2009
Date Policy Took Effect 27 August 2009
Last approved revision 30 June 2011
Sponsor Director, Information Technology Services
Responsible officer Manager Customer Services


The purpose of this Policy is to underline the importance of compliance with software licensing provisions and to define specific responsibilities relating to this compliance.

Organisational scope

This Policy applies University-wide.


Information Technology Services


1. Background

Non-compliance with software licensing provisions can bring about significant risk and liability for the University. External software audits in universities across Australasia to identify non-compliance are not uncommon, and the cost to universities found in breach can be considerable.

It is very important that the University has robust processes to ensure that it has the necessary and appropriate licences for all the software it uses and that it is abiding by the conditions of use stipulated in the licences. Failure to do so puts the University at significant risk of legal action and substantial penalty.

2. Policy

  1. Responsibility for ensuring software licence compliance rests with the Head of Department.
    The specific responsibilities are to:
    1. maintain a register to provide proof of purchase of software.
    2. maintain a register of disposal of software through on-sale (for example software sold with a computer).
    3. maintain an inventory detailing where licensed software is installed. This must track redeployment of software within the department.
    4. ensure all staff are aware of their own responsibilities in regard to ensuring they only use software in compliance with licence conditions.
  2. In the interests of ensuring compliance with licensing requirements, Division Heads may from time to time instigate a software compliance audit.

Related policies, procedures and forms

ITS maintains a software licence database to assist University Departments to fulfill their obligations under this policy.

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