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Sexual Health

We provide a confidential, non-judgemental, quality service for students of all ages, cultures, genders and sexual orientation.

Make an appointment

Phone Student Health on Freephone 0800 479 821 (inside New Zealand) to book a 30 minute nurse appointment. Please advise reception that you need an appointment on the day if you have symptoms. Routine screening appointments (with no specific concerns or symptoms) may not be on the day.

All our nurses offer STI and cervical screening for anyone with a cervix and these are able to be done at the same visit.

In addition to this our team of sexual health nurses (Julie, Libby, Mel, Jo, Nicky) offer STI screening for everyone.

For anyone without a cervix, the test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea is a urine test. It is important that you do not pass urine for at least an hour before the appointment. If you are unsure, please do not pee and we can discuss at the appointment.

STI testing

Over recent years, there has been a rise in STI number of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). The most common STI seen at Student Health Services is chlamydia followed by genital warts and herpes.

The majority of STI’s are caused by micro-organisms such as bacteria or viruses. These infections can be passed between people engaging in intimate physical contact, such as non-penetrative genital contact, sharing sex toys, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

We are able to test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis A, B and C. There are no screening tests available for genital warts (HPV) or genital herpes (HSV). These infections are common and do not always have symptoms.

With all STIs there are “window periods” in which the infection is incubating, and testing may not detect it. For chlamydia and gonorrhoea this is 14 days.

If you have had a recent episode of unprotected sex, and would like to be checked, please book an appointment for two weeks after the incident to rule out the risk of a false negative test. 

However, if you have symptoms (pain in urethra, discharge from penis, vagina or rectum, low tummy or rectal pain, bleeding with sex, pain with sex) then you should ask for an appointment the same day.

We offer blood tests to screen for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B (and in some cases hepatitis A and C). The window period for routine screening for these blood borne infections is three months.  However, if you are concerned that you may be at risk of one or more of these infections, please make an appointment to discuss options with one of the sexual health team.

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