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ValueNZ $13,000 stipend per annum plus domestic tuition fees waiver (excludes student services fee)
Number offeredFunding is currently unavailable
Closing dateFunding is currently unavailable


Established in 1984 by the Blair Trust, this scholarship will be offered for odd-numbered years only to a student of a Science subject and for even-numbered years only to a student of an Arts subject.

Only students born in the Otago/Southland district are eligible to apply.

Applicants must be :

  • obtaining their first Master's qualification
  • domestic students who were born in the Otago/Southland district
  • a student of a science subject (e.g.2013) or an arts subject (e.g.2014)

Selection is based predominantly on academic merit and the applicant's potential for research.

Further information on how to apply for this scholarship is available elsewhere on this website.


Download the University of Otago Postgraduate Research Scholarship Regulations. (PDF, 386KB)

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