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Number offeredUp to two (2) per year
Closing date31 October

Established in in 2016 from a generous donation from the Yarrow South Charitable Trust, this Scholarship supports students from King's High School in Dunedin to undertake first-year undergraduate studies at the University of Otago.

Applicants must be intending to enrol full time for first year undergraduate study in a degree-level programme in the year after application.

Application and award

A scholarship application must normally have been received by the Rector, King's High School, by 31st October. The Rector of King's High School will select recipients of this scholarship and up to two (2) Awards may be made annually.

Applicants must have attended King's High School for at least one (1) calendar year and the selection criteria will be based on the following factors:

a.Applicants who have made a substantial contribution to the school, whether academic, sporting, cultural or in other fields; or
b.Applicants who show outstanding academic ability and would benefit from attending the University of Otago

Value and Tenure

1)The value of the scholarship is $5,000 for first year, full-time study at degree level at the University of Otago.
2) The payment of the scholarship will be made in Semester 1 as a $4,000 contribution towards (in order):  a) Residential College fees; b) tuition fees at the University of Otago.

  • For those accepting a place in a Residential College as listed at the link below, it will be paid as an accommodation fee waiver for the amount specified in your scholarship offer letter, paid directly to your Residential College (the scholarship is not able to be used for payment or part-payment of Residential College placement, deposit, activity or equivalent fees due prior to studying).
    University of Otago Residential Colleges
  • For those living in the local community (boarding, flatting or living at home), it will normally comprise of a payment, firstly towards tuition and student services fees, if applicable, then as a monthly stipend or lump sum, or you may be able to have the value of your scholarship credited against your tuition fees for your second year of study.

3)A final payment of $1,000 will be withheld until after 1 December in the year of study whereby the successful applicant must have filed the one-page report referred to in the regulations with the Vice-Chancellor, or nominee, who will ratify payment of this sum subject to that report being deemed satisfactory.
4) Payment of this scholarship will only be made once a copy of a message of appreciation from the scholarship recipient to the donor has been received by the Development and Alumni Relations Office.
5)This scholarship may be held concurrently with any other University of Otago scholarship valued at $10,000 or less.


The full regulations for The University of Otago Yarrow South Entrance Scholarship can be downloaded here. Note that the University of Otago Entrance Scholarships Terms and Conditions may also apply.

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