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Limitations of Enrolment 2019

As per clause 10 of the Admission to University Statute 2011, the following programmes and papers have limitations on enrolment numbers for 2019 due to resource limitations. Such limitations have been approved by the University Council.


Paper, course or programme Maximum admitted
MANT 230  Entrepreneurship the New Zealand Way (includes Summer School) 25
MANT 358  He Kākano – Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Summer School) 35
MART 330  Special Topic: Integrated Digital Marketing 50
TOUR 214  Introduction to Wine Business (Summer School) 72

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Health Sciences

Paper, course or programme Maximum admitted
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) 75 (60 domestic)
Bachelor of Dental Technology (BDentTech) 30
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc) 60
Bachelor of Medical Sciences with Honours (BMedSc(Hons)) 20
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB) 282
Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) 50
Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) 150 (120 domestic)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPhty) 130
Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours (BPhty(Hons)) 10
Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (BRT) 30-40 (varies per year based on available placements)
Postgraduate Certificate in Clinician-Performed Ultrasound (PGCertCPU) 30
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc)endorsed in Addiction and Co-Existing Disorders 22
Postgraduate Diploma in Rural and Provincial Hospital Practice (PGDipRPHP) 20
Postgraduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy (PGDipSurgAnat) 24
AVME 785  Research Methods 12
GENA 702  Sexual and Reproductive Health 20
GENA 713  Travel Medicine 1: Introductory Concepts 20
GENA 714  Travel Medicine 3: Applied Concepts 20
GENA 717  Generalist Medical Echocardiography 20
GENA 718  Generalist Medical Ultrasound 20
GENA 719  Tropical Infectious Disease 20
GENA 720  Refugee and Migrant Health 20
GENA 723  Trauma and Emergencies in Rural Hospitals 20
GENA 737  Obesity Prevention and Management 25
GENA 820  Nature of Medical Practice 20
GENA 821  Research Methods 20
GENA 822  Advanced Nature of General Practice 20
GENA 823  Teaching and Learning in Medical Practicee 20
GENA 824  Ethics in General Practice 20
GENA 825  Culture, Health and Society 20
GENA 826  Special Topic 5
HASC 417/817  Health Sciences Research Methods 15
NURS 404  Advanced Mental Health Nursing 30
OBGY 712  Pre and Early Pregnancy Care 30
OBGY 713  Pregnancy Care in the Community 30
OBGY 715  Medical Gynaecology I 30
OBGY 716  Medical Gynaecology II 30
OBGY 717  Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinical Training 20
OBGY 718  Obstetrics and Gynaecology Residential Course 1 21
OBGY 719  Obstetrics and Gynaecology Residential Course 2 21
PSME 401  Nature, Extent and Assessment of Mental Disorders 22
PSME 404  Assessment of Addiction and Coexisting Disorders 22
PSME 405  Contemporary Approaches to Mental Health Practice 22
PSME 406  Research methods: Mental Health 22
PSME 418  Eating Disorders 22
PSME 422  Addiction Disorders 22
PSME 424  Addiction Pharmacotherapy 22
PSME 427  Interpersonal Psychotherapy 20
PSME 432  Introduction to Perinatal Psychiatry 22
PSME 433  Introduction to Infant Mental Health 22
PRHC 702  Wilderness and Expedition Medicine 16

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Paper, course or programme Maximum admitted
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (second year) 200
Master of Planning (MPlan) 15
EDSU 101  Celebrating Dance in Culture 30
EDSU 102  Drama for Children 40
EDSU 104  Children's Literature: Origins and Issues 40
EDSU 105  Personal Health Education 40
EDSU 110  Children in Action 45
EDSU 111  Children, Science and Play 36
EDSU 112  Childhood and Cultural Enrichment 40
EDSU 113  Technology and Enterprise 26
EDSU 115  Exploring the Visual Arts through Drawing and Painting 27
ENGL 217  Creative Writing: Poetry 15
INDV 301  Māori and Indigenous Development, Governance and Ethics 20
LAWS 464  Advocacy 12
LING 332/432  TESOL Practicum/ Second Language Practicum 24
MFCO 251  Television Studio Production 50
THEA 152  Theatre Technology 25
THEA 241  Playwriting 40
THEA 253/353  Bicultural Theatre 28
THEA 256/356  Design for Theatre and Performance 30
THEA 257/357  Special Topic 50
THEA 341  Advanced Playwriting 18
THEA 351  Performing Shakespeare 18
THEA 352  Directing 18

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Paper, course or programme Maximum admitted
Bachelor of Surveying (BSurv) 60
Master of Dietetics (MDiet) 45
Master of Science Communication (MSciComm) endorsed in Science and Natural History Filmmaking 12
Master of Wildlife Management (MWLM) / Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Management (PGDipWLM) 14
Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PGDipClPs) 10
Postgraduate Diploma in Science Communication (PGDipSciComm) endorsed in Science and Natural History Filmmaking 4
Marine Environmental Science 30
COSC 360  Computer Game Design 28
GEOL 252  Field Studies and New Zealand Geology (includes Summer School) 65
MARI 402  Advanced Applied Field Methods in Marine Environmental Science 30
NAUT 101  Nautical Studies 1 27
NEUR 301  Current Topics in Neuroscience 16
PHSI 170  Sun, Earth and Universe 26
SCOM 209  Communicating Science - an introduction 50
SURV 322  Hydrographic Surveying 30

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Selection for limited places

Selection criteria for limited places shall be based on academic merit and suitability for the programme, which may include:

  • Selection criteria and processes as laid out in programme regulations
  • Enrolment or intended enrolment in a type of programme (e.g. a research programme)
  • Motivation and likelihood to pursue a career in a relevant profession for professional programmes
  • Additional skills relevant to success in a programme or paper (e.g. demonstrated poetry writing skills for a poetry writing paper)

Notwithstanding these criteria:

  • In cases where the timing of application makes assessment against other applicants impractical, the order of application may be used, with those completing their application first being given preference
  • For Summer School papers, applicants whose proposed enrolment would complete their degree may be given preference

Additional selection criteria for specific papers or programmes, as approved by the University Senate, are as follows:

OBGY 718 and 719 Timeliness of application (preference for earlier applications), in cases where academic merit and suitability for the course do not provide grounds for selecting between applicants
NAUT 101 Some positive weighting in selection for students who will not have the opportunity to do the paper in subsequent years, e.g. finalists
GENA 737 Selection to favour a mix of students from different health professions to support intended interprofessional teaching and learning outcomes

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