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The information on this page will help you answer the question of whether or not your device can run the ExamSoft Examplify software being used for some exams in 2018 as part of a University trial of computer-based exams and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Your lecturer will have told you if your class is participating in this trial.

Q. What devices can I use?
A. Examplify can be used on any device that meets the following system requirements:

Laptop computers*Microsoft WindowsApple Mac
Operating System (OS)32-bit and 64-bit versions of
    Windows Vista**
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10 (except RT and 10 S)
    Windows 10 Creators
Mac OS X…
    10.9 Mavericks**
    10.10 Yosemite**
    10.11 El Capitan
    10.12 Sierra
    10.13 High Sierra
CPU Processor1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or greater1.86GHz Intel Processor
RAM2GB (or highest recommended for OS)2GB
Hard Drive1GB of available space (or highest recommended for OS)1GB or higher free space
Screen Resolution1024 x 768 (minimum)1024 x 768

* Including Microsoft Surface Pros (with an external keyboard), Surface Books and Surface Laptops.
**Operating systems considered old and not supported by IT services at University of Otago.


Examplify Windows Installer 

Examplify Mac OS X Installer

iPad 3+, Air+, Mini+, Pro
iOS 8, 9, 10
iOS 11 is supported on Examplify for iPad version 2.7 and higher
500 MB of free space required to commence an exam

You can download Examplify from the iTunes store

If you’re not sure how to tell if your device meets these requirements, please contact the Student IT team.

Q. My device cannot be used. What do I do next?
A. You might need to take the exam in a traditional paper format. Contact your lecturer for confirmation.

Q. My device can be used. What do I do next?
A. You will need to download and install a software application called Examplify, then register your copy of the application. Do this well before taking your first exam.

Note: Install and register Examplify only on the device you will be using to take all your computer-based examinations.

Visit the Exam Taker Portal for more information about using Examplify. The University is using the Legacy Portal.

Download and install Examplify on your laptop (Windows or Mac OSX). There is further advice for installation on the web page.

Once you have installed the application you need to register your copy. This will allow you to download examinations. You will be asked for an Institution ID. If you are taking exams in:

  • Humanities, Sciences or Commerce then otagolaw is the Institution ID.
  • Anatomy or Medicine then otagomedicine is the Institution ID.

You will also need to enter your User ID and Password. These will be sent to you once an administrator has registered you as an exam taker.

Click Sign In to complete registration. You will be able to download exams once they are made available by your lecturer.

Q. I want to test my device by taking a mock/practice exam before the real one. Can I do that?
A. It’s highly recommended that you do a mock/practice exam before you take a real one.

One or more practice exams will be made available to you by your lecturer so that you can experience the environment and test your device before your real exam.

Q. Is there anything else I can do to prepare myself for the exam?
A.  Yes, the ExamSoft Support website offers tips for Exam Takers. Click on Legacy Portal option. Some good articles to read are:

Some key elements are given below:

Before you take any exam using Examplify:

  • Make sure you download the exam in the timeframe given to you by your lecturer
  • Disable sleep/hibernate mode on your device
  • Close all other programs (e.g., MS Word, web browser, etc.)
  • Check that the time and date on your device are correct
  •  Charge the battery on your device and bring the power cord to the exam venue
  • Bluetooth keyboards must be paired prior to launching Examplify.

Take a practice exam to familiarise yourself with the look of the Examplify screen and some of the functions such as:

  • “Exam Controls” menu at top left which includes “Hide Exam” if you need a toilet break
  • The ability to flag questions you want to return to later
  • The highlighter to select key words in the question
  • The clock which shows time remaining and can be used to set a reminder/alarm
  • The text size slider which can change the size of text on your screen.

Taking an exam with Examplify:

  • The password to start a test exam will be provided by your lecturer (via email). You may be able to take this exam more than once.
  • The password to start the real exam will be provided by the invigilator in your exam room (on the day and time of the exam).
  • Real exam: wait to be told to enter the unique code shown on-screen to begin the exam. Practice exam – enter it in your own time. If your exam is timed, this is when the timer begins.
  • Examplify autosaves every 60 seconds. Your exam answers will be saved to your device (which is why there is a minimum requirement in the system specifications).
  • When you complete an exam you will upload your answers and receive notification that submission has been successful. If there is a problem with the upload you will receive a message onscreen to alert you. Do not panic, just try again. An encrypted copy of your exam will be saved to your hard drive (double-encrypted so no opportunity for someone to cheat) which can be retrieved at a later date if a system error needs to be fixed.  

Q. What if my device crashes just before the exam or during the exam?
A. Each exam venue in the trial will have technical support present at the start and finish of the exam to help with such an eventuality.

Any failure of the device must be reported to an invigilator immediately. The invigilator will know the solution to your specific exam situation; e.g. a switch to the paper exam with immediate effect.

Q. Who can I contact for more information or to ask a question?
A. Check on the Examplify exam taker website - online chat is available from there too. If you can’t find the answer there raise the matter with your lecturer.

After the exam you will be asked to provide feedback on your experience through a student survey. This information will be used by the Working Group to gauge the success or otherwise of the trial. The outcome of the trial is crucial to informing any further developments in adopting computer-based examinations.  If you are taking more than one course in the trial you will be contacted after each exam.

Page created Monday 19 March 2018. Last updated Monday 13 August 2018.