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SSR Project Update - Issue 14

This project update for the Support Services Review has some insights from Shared Services Director, David Tapp, alongside details about the staff information sessions and on training and support, including support for staff in Christchurch and Wellington.

Please continue to send through any questions or comments for this newsletter or the website using the ‘Have your say’ form. 

Information sessions

The next staff information session is Marketing and Communications, tomorrow, Friday, 4th May at 9am in Castle 2. This session will provide more detail regarding how marketing and communications will be delivered post the SSR implementation. Please register to attend the session.

The session will be livestreamed to make it accessible to staff outside of Dunedin.

The streaming should start 5 minutes before the event.

Further advice for people wanting to view the stream:

1. The live streaming works with most web browsers, but not Internet Explorer.

2. People can use our Test Stream at any time, to check in advance that they can receive University of Otago streaming.

The Test Stream is at:

3. The live stream will be restricted to University of Otago IP addresses.

Rooms 7.05 on the Christchurch campus and D27 on the Wellington campus have also been booked. Each of these rooms has full video conferencing functionality.

In addition we will also be recording the session and it will be available to download from the SSR website after the session.

We plan to work through a series of more detailed information sessions over the coming months and will let you know more when these details are confirmed.

Information on HR, IT, Student Experience, AskOtago, Client Services, and Finance is available online at SSR website - Implementation Updates. If you have questions in regard to Client Services, please contact us, or you can discuss with your Client Services Manager.

In response to your questions

The SSR website - FAQs  has a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which is added to regularly, and which may help to answer any queries. 

Q. Will there be training for staff appointed or redeployed to new roles?

A. Yes, staff will receive training to be successful in new roles. While starting a new role can be challenging, staff will be supported as they take on new responsibilities and learn new processes. For Shared Services to be a success it is important that teams, and the individuals within them are fully supported and feeling comfortable and competent with their new responsibilities as quickly as possible.

From David Tapp

It feels as though Autumn is well and truly upon us and this was evident during a site visit to St David 2 last week. Flooded with natural light through expansive windows, the views in all directions are breath-taking, from the autumnal colours in the trees to the views across campus and towards George Street. The inside of the building continues apace and with ceiling panels and wall linings being fitted it is shaping up into a great space. As promised I took a number of photos during the site visit and these can be viewed now.

  • St David 2 Site Visit April 2018
  • We have finalised dates for information sessions to provide you with the opportunity to meet me and the other members of the Shared Services leadership team. As mentioned in last week’s update in these sessions I will talk about the environment I like to create to allow teams and the individuals within them to achieve results. I will also share as much information as I can about St David 2 floor plans, architect images and possibly some furniture and fittings. While it is good to be able to share this information about St David 2, it is worth remembering that majority of staff within the Shared Services Division will be embedded physically within academic departments and service divisions.

    Last week we welcomed staff joining the University as Services Representatives in AskOtago. The new recruits have embarked upon six weeks of training and induction and we warmly welcome them to the team and wish them every success. You will soon notice changes in the Link as the development of the AskOtago hub continues. I am very excited about this as this hub will become the physical place where students and staff come to receive support in person from members of the AskOtago team. Having a dedicated, centralised, appealing and welcoming space for students and staff to engage with us will be a significant step towards providing great service available for anyone who needs our assistance. We will be engaging in significant communication with students in the coming months to make sure they know about the hub and the support and services that will be available to them when this is operational.

    Training and Support

    Outlined below are details on a range of training and support options currently available. Further courses have been scheduled to meet demand as the current courses have filled. We will continue to provide these workshops as demand requires. Please link to the website for the latest information on course dates, and register your interest.

    Support for staff in Christchurch and Wellington

    Times have been confirmed for training workshops for staff at our Christchurch and Wellington campuses, details as below. There is also an opportunity to have an individual 1 hour confidential session with Jo Budai, Career Development Advisor either in person in Christchurch or Wellington (dependent on availability) or via zoom at a later date so please let us know if this would be of interest as well.

    To request an individual session with Jo Budai contact her via

    Wellington Campus

    Friday 4th May, 9am–12pm, Room C07: Deciding my Future workshop

    Christchurch Campus

    Wednesday 9th May, 9.30am–12pm, Room 71: CV Preparation and Interview Skills workshop

    Thursday 10th May, 9am–12pm, Room 712: Deciding my Future workshop

    CV preparation workshops

    To assist staff in preparing CVs and cover letters to help present your skills, knowledge and experience effectively to prospective managers and employers

    Interview Skills Workshops

    To help prepare your responses to questions during interviews and how to present your best self.

    Prosci® Fundamentals of Change Management

    For project leaders and those with managerial responsibilities. It covers change management, including understanding and applying the Prosci* ADKAR Model for individual change.

    Deciding My Future: making good job choices

    Focuses on what is important to consider when making choices about future job and career options.

    A workbook will be provided to you when you register so attendees can complete required pre-work.

    Career Development Adviser

    Jo Budai is available for one-on-one confidential and impartial support to assist people in their career choices - contact her via

    EAP - staff support

    We remind staff that you can access personal support through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). A new feature is that EAP now offers financial and budgeting advice, as well as other counselling services.

    EAP services are available to staff at any time through the existing provider, Stratos Ltd. EAP services are confidential to you and based on a self-referral system. There is no requirement to advise or make a request to your manager. Further information can be found in the EAP section of the HR website.


    Recent appointments:

    • Shared Services Manager Performance and Delivery: Naomi Weaver (effective 14 May)
    • Senior Manager Information Systems: Gavin Bainbridge (effective 7 May)
    • Senior Manager IT Infrastructure: Daryl Clarkson (effective 19 June)
    • Manager IT Projects Unit: Bruce Norris (effective 21 May)
    • AskOtago Service Representatives x18
    • Manager Client Services BMS: Sally Ann Howard
    • Manager Client Services DSM: Don Brewer (effective 28 May)
    • Senior Manager Client Services (UOC): Melissa Paton (effective 30 April)
    • Director Marketing: Todd Gordon
    • Manager Events: Lucy Wiseman



    • Head of Student Experience
    • Manager Client Services x 5
    • Senior Manager Finance Services
    • Group Leader Student Development
    • Manager Finance x 10
    • Manager Strategic Finance
    • Manager Supply Chain
    • Group Leader AskOtago
    • Group Accountant
    • Manager IT Advisory (Health Sciences)
    • Advisor IT
    • Manager IT Advisory x2
    • Service Representatives AskOtago
    • Knowledgebase Administrator AskOtago
    • Team Leader AV Support



    • Team Leader Administration Support Services
    • Specialist Events
    • Coordinator Events
    • Assistant Events
    • Team Leader Research Administration

    Additional positions may be advertised during this time. For a full list of vacancies please be sure to check the Current Vacancies section of the HR website.

    We welcome your feedback on the project implementation as it progresses. Contact us to discuss, or let us know if you need more information at

    From the Support Services Review Project Team