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SSR Project Update - Issue 16

This week's project update includes information on a new job description web page, some answers to questions that are being raised, and a reminder of the support and training options available.

Please continue to send through any questions or comments for this newsletter or the website using the ‘Have your say’ form. 

In response to your questions

The following are answers to questions staff have been asking about the Management of Change process, which may help to address some common queries. Don't forget, if you have any questions, you can talk to your Divisional HR Manager or HR adviser.

Q. When are staff receiving letters?

A. The majority of Administration and Finance staff on the Dunedin campus received their letters from Wednesday 23 May 2018. Staff in the School of Dentistry and staff located in Wellington and Christchurch received their letters on Tuesday 29 May 2018.

Q. What action do I need to take after I receive my letter?

A. Each letter is different depending on the scenario.

Letters that do require acceptance of proposed changes will have had two copies of the letter enclosed in your envelope. One of the copies will have a space for you to sign and return, the other is a copy for your personal records. Please ensure you respond prior to the deadline outlined in your letter, as non-response indicates that you do not accept. If you require an extension, please contact Kevin Seales.

If you have received a letter proposing disestablishment of your position, as we are currently in the consultation phases, you are invited to provide feedback or comments that you consider the project team needs to take into account before making any final decisions. Providing feedback is not compulsory. After the consultation period has finished and feedback has been considered, you will receive a confirmation letter which will outline the outcome/ decision regarding your position. If it is confirmed that your position is to be disestablished, and you are in an administration position, it is at this point that you will then get the opportunity to accept redeployment into the Client Services Administrator position (level 4) as outlined in your proposal letter. If you do not wish to accept redeployment, information will be provided in the letter to outline your next course of action.

Q. Why is the School of Dentistry being treated differently from the rest of the Dunedin campus?

A. The School of Dentistry is undergoing a number of big changes all at the same time with a new building, advances in technology alongside the changes to roles as part of the SSR. This requires more thoughtful consideration of the long term and specific needs for the School to ensure students and staff are well supported and the benefits of the projects currently underway are fully realised.

Q. Will I continue to work in my current department?

A. Some staff will continue to work in their current departments, others may not. We are asking staff to indicate their preference for their primary workplace location as we are aware that some staff would prefer to remain with their current colleagues; others would like to work in a different area and others are not overly concerned either way.

Q. Does the two month notice period start when I get my letter?

A. No. Where roles are proposed to be disestablished, staff receive an initial letter and this is followed by a period of consultation during which staff can ask questions, seek information and provide feedback. The University will consider the feedback it receives and then staff will receive a second letter advising the final outcome. Notice of at least two months would commence from the date of the second letter.

Q. If my role has been proposed to be disestablished, how long do I have to provide feedback?

A. There is a two week consultation period when you can ask questions, seek information and provide feedback.

Q. If I am redeployed to a position at a lower level than my current role, will I receive salary protection?

A. Yes. You would receive salary protection for two years from the date of redeployment. For staff heading towards retirement, if a retirement date is agreed at the time of redeployment, salary protection provisions can be applied for up to five years. Please refer to the Management of Change provisions in employment agreements for more information.

Q. When will new positions be advertised?

A. We anticipate new roles will be advertised from the middle of June 2018.

Q. If I am confirmed into a role, or accept redeployment to a lower level role, can I apply for new positions that will be advertised?

A. Yes. There will be a number of new positions advertised and staff should not hesitate to apply for any positions that are of interest to them and/or would provide them with career development opportunities. The University expects a certain level of turnover of roles with a change process of this size.

Q. When would the new roles come into effect?

A. There are different dates for the new roles to come into effect as follows:

  • Finance Advisory from 18 June 2018
  • Administration from 24 September 2018
  • Student Administration from 3 September 2018

Specific information is provided in writing to individuals.

Q. If my role is disestablished and I do not accept redeployment to a role at a lower level, when would I finish work?

A. You would receive at least two months written notice of the disestablishment of your role and your employment would end, at a minimum, two months from the date of the letter. Taking into account the consultation period and the time the University will take to consider feedback, we expect staff in this situation would be finishing work mid to late August at the earliest.

Q. If I am confirmed into role at my current level, will I stay on the same salary step?

A. Yes you would.

There are more frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the SSR website - FAQs

Job descriptions

We have created a new page on the SSR website where we will be listing job descriptions for the roles that have been developed as part of the SSR process. The first of these are available now and we will continue to update this page as the job descriptions are confirmed.

Training and Support

1:1 consultation sessions with staff from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will be organised for the Wellington and Christchurch campuses if there is interest from staff. Let us know if you would like us to arrange at

Details on upcoming course dates for June for Dunedin staff are online – please register your interest if you plan to attend. Further courses will be provided to meet demand.

Don't forget Career Development Adviser Jo Budai is available for 1:1 confidential and impartial support to assist people in their career choices or any other career related issues  - contact her via

CV preparation workshops

To assist staff in preparing CVs and cover letters to help present your skills, knowledge and experience effectively to prospective managers and employers

Interview Skills Workshops

To help prepare your responses to questions during interviews and how to present your best self.

Deciding My Future: making good job choices

Focuses on what is important to consider when making choices about future job and career options.

A workbook will be provided to you when you register so attendees can complete required pre-work.

Prosci® Fundamentals of Change Management

For project leaders and those with managerial responsibilities. It covers change management, including understanding and applying the Prosci* ADKAR Model for individual change.

EAP - staff support

We remind staff that you can access personal support through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). A new feature is that EAP now offers financial and budgeting advice, as well as other counselling services.

EAP services are available to staff at any time through the existing provider, Stratos Ltd. EAP services are confidential to you and based on a self-referral system. There is no requirement to advise or make a request to your manager. Further information can be found in the EAP section of the HR website.

Recent Appointments

  • Senior Manager Finance Services - Philip McLennan (effective 18 June 2018
  • Group Leader AskOtago - Natasha Teokotai (effective 21 May)



  • Head of Student Experience
  • Manager Client Services x 5
  • Group Leader Student Development
  • Manager Supply Chain
  • Manager IT Advisory (Health Sciences)
  • Adviser IT
  • Manager IT Advisory x2
  • Service Representatives AskOtago
  • Knowledgebase Administrator AskOtago
  • Team Leader AV Support
  • Graphic Designer
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Manager Client Services
  • Lead Administrator Client Services (Clinical)
  • Lead Administrator Client Services



  • Team Leader Research Administration

Staff need to log in to view internal job vacancies. Additional positions may be advertised during this time. For a full list of vacancies please be sure to check the Current Vacancies section of the HR website.

We welcome your feedback on the project implementation as it progresses. Contact us to discuss, or let us know if you need more information at

From the Support Services Review Project Team