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SSR Project Update - Issue 25

This project update has information on the transition process for the Support Services Review, including FAQ's for fixed-term and transitional staff, and we introduce Bruce Norris, Senior Manager IT Projects Unit.

Please continue to send any questions or comments for this newsletter using the Have your say form.

Project Overview

Recruitment continues to be a focus as we move through the implementation of the SSR. Start dates for staff moving into new roles will vary and business continuity is a key consideration when determining start dates.


Vacancies continue to be uploaded to the vacancies web page this week for all staff, including those on fixed-term appointments or Campus Temps contracts, to apply for.

View the Current Vacancies section of the HR website for all vacancies currently being advertised.

View information about the recruitment process for administrative roles on the Recruitment Process page.

View job description roles on the Job Descriptions page.


Well over 100 staff have now moved into the St David II building. This includes staff from the Examinations, Records &Graduation and Admissions teams, the Accounts Payable Team, HR Services, AskOtago and the Performance

How to engage with changed services

All phone extensions of staff who have shifted into St David II remain the same.

A reminder that the “dial 0” facility is no longer available. The University's telephonist service has been incorporated into the AskOtago service, meaning University callers dial 7000 to talk to someone at AskOtago, or search for a phone number in the web phone directory.

In response to your questions

Information for fixed-term and transitional staff is as follows:

Q. My contract has been extended before, will it be extended again?

A. As this will depend upon the workload requirements in the areas individuals are working in, this is considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about this you should speak with your manager.

Q. What happens when my contract finishes?

A. Staff employed on fixed-term employment agreements will finish work at the University at the date specified in their employment agreement.

Q. Will it be held against me if I apply for new roles before my contract finishes?

A. No, absolutely not. As you will have seen there are a number of opportunities for staff to consider and now is the time to apply for roles of interest to you. With a change of this size we expect there to be some turnover as fixed-term and permanent staff are appointed to new positions.

Other new frequently asked questions (FAQs) are on the SSR website - FAQs

Introducing...Bruce Norris, Senior Manager IT Projects Unit


What does your role involve?

Currently it's getting a handle on what projects are in-flight, and what has been flagged as pipeline projects. Proposed projects are then assessed against a number of criteria, focussing on what benefits they bring UoO, what resources are required, and how they fit with our strategic goals.

For each project my team helps develop business cases, and other appropriate documents, to help the University make funding decisions.

As the Project Unit matures, we'll be able to prioritise projects based on benefits / resources, which may involve halting or reprioritising existing projects.

What were you doing previously?

For the past 10 years, very similar roles in the UK. The last two roles were at universities in Leicestershire and Oxfordshire, both were in a similar position to here, so I'm quite used to the challenges (of both universities and implementing project offices!).

Prior to this IT malarkey, I researched sex determination in reptiles. Well, everyone has to have a hobby...

What are you looking forward to in the role?

The challenge of setting up a Projects Unit, and integrating that into ITS to improve delivery of projects – good project managers can help tech teams by giving them time and resources to do the tech work, without being constantly bothered for updates and documentation.

Part of this improvement will be greater visibility of projects being worked on; ITS are doing some great work, and I'd like people to know about it. Conversely, if we're unable to resource a project, it's easier to explain why if we can show people what other projects are in-flight.

What do you like about living in Dunedin?

Coffee. It's a struggle to find good coffee in England! Also, having spent a lot of time in Wellington, the harbour and hills here (or mountains to my friends in the UK) are great – and I’m looking forward to my bike arriving so I can start cycling up them (it's somewhere between the UK and NZ, along with most of our gear).

Training and Support

Please contact to discuss training or support requirements.

EAP - staff support

Staff can access personal support through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP); this offers financial and budgeting advice, as well as other counselling services. EAP services are available to staff at any time through the existing provider, Stratos Ltd. EAP services are confidential to you and based on a self-referral system. There is no requirement to advise or make a request to your manager. Further information can be found in the EAP section of the HR website.



  • Manager Supply Chain (Dunedin)
  • Team Leader Desktop Support (Dunedin)
  • Senior Manager IT Assurance and Cyber Security (Dunedin)
  • Finance Associate (UOW)
  • Executive Assistant (Dunedin)
  • IT Architect (Dunedin)
  • Team Leader Research Administration (Dunedin)
  • Officer Procurement (Dunedin)
  • Administrator Clinics (UOW)
  • Administrator Client Services (UOC)
  • Lead Administrator Client Services (UOC)
  • Administrator Client Services (UOW)
  • Administrator Client Services (Dunedin)
  • Administrator Clinics (Dunedin)
  • Coordinator Events (UOC)
  • Adviser Marketing (UOC)
  • Lead Student Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Lead Administrator Student Administration (Dunedin)
  • Communications Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Senior Administrator Student Administration (Dunedin)
  • IT Projects Manager (Dunedin)
  • Student Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Communications Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Administrator Student Administration (Dunedin)
  • Coordinator Student Experience (UOC)
  • Senior Officer Revenue Management (Dunedin)
  • Engineer AV Support (Dunedin)r
  • Marketing Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Marketing Specialist (Dunedin)
  • Communications Adviser (UOW)
  • Services Representative AskOtago (Dunedin)


You will need to log in to view the internal only vacancies.


  • Administrator Assistant Support Services
  • Lead Officer Supply Chain
  • Officer Revenue Management

Staff need to log in to view internal job vacancies. For a full list of vacancies please be sure to check the Current Vacancies section of the HR website.

We welcome your feedback on the project implementation as it progresses. Contact us to discuss, or let us know if you need more information at

From the Support Services Review Project Team