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SSR Project Update - Issue 28

Recruitment and transition continues, and this week will see more staff on the move. Manager, Divisional Finance - Health Sciences Andrea Wolf is featured in this update. We have also produced some factsheets to help students and staff understand the changes to services that have been made.

Please continue to send any questions or comments for this newsletter using the Have your say form.

Project update

A major focus for the project over the past months has been the recruitment of staff to new positions. This has been (and will continue to be for some time) a considerable undertaking and the project team would like to thank all staff who have been involved in this process. In particular we thank the HR Recruitment and HR Services teams who have had to manage significantly higher volumes than normal.

You can expect to receive communications outlining the introduction of new processes in the coming months. How these new processes, or changes to existing processes, are implemented will vary. Some will be introduced University-wide; with others phased in as services reach the resourcing levels required to effectively deliver them.

One of the first areas to expect changes is finance processes. We have created a Finance: Roles and Responsibilities factsheet to provide an overview of ‘who will do what’ once the new operation model is in place. In many instances the actual process has not changed, but responsibility for supporting these processes may have.

As we are not able to implement these processes in every department right now, there is no intention to remove the ability for existing staff to continue performing finance tasks that they currently undertake.

Of particular note are upcoming changes for making purchases. These will be phased in across the University (with the exception of some departments that already have systems to support the new purchasing process). This will mean that purchases can be initiated via a new online smart form, which will be routed to the Supply Chain team who will be responsible for raising orders in the finance system.

The new smart form is scheduled to ‘Go Live’ in a limited number of areas next week, before being progressively rolled out to more departments.


Factsheets that explain changes to University of Otago support services will be added to the SSR website over the coming days. They cover HR, Operations (Client Servcies), AskOtago, Student Experience, Marketing, Communications, Finance and IT.

Some are already available on the SSR website. Please take time to update yourself on how these services are organised and their responsibilities.

In response to your questions

The following are answers to questions staff have been asking about the Management of Change process, which may help to address some common queries. Don't forget, if you have any questions, you can raise these with your Divisional HR Manager or HR Adviser.

Q. What do I need to do if I am staying where I am?

A. Although you may be staying in the same place, staff embedded in departments will be part of the Shared Services team and there will be changes to how processes are completed. Administration changes take effect from 24 September 2018 and staff will engage with Lead Administrators and Client Services Managers regarding changes as implementation continues.

Q. What if I cannot do my new job or do not like it?

A. There is a six month period during which the employee and the employer may agree that the employee is not suited to the position. In this situation redundancy is paid as per the entitlements in employment agreements.

Other new frequently asked questions (FAQs) are on the SSR website - FAQs


Administration reporting lines will change on September 24. This will not necessarily mean people will be moving – changes will depend on the needs of each team.

On the move

Some HR services are moving:

  • Friday September 14, HR Recruitment, Development and Equity will move from Taramea House in George St to the Leith Walk Building (previously known as the ITS building by the Leith River)
  • Friday September 21, HR Promotions and Remuneration will move from the Clock Tower to the Leith Walk Building (previously known as the ITS building by the Leith River)

Some desktop support staff will also be moving into the East IT hub at 119 Albany St this week - that is the building on the corner of Albany and Clyde Streets, opposite the Albany Street carpark.


Vacancies continue to be uploaded to the vacancies webpage this week. Staff, including those on fixed term appointments or Campus Temps, can apply for these roles.

View the Current Vacancies section of the HR website for all vacancies currently being advertised.

View information about the recruitment process for administrative roles on the Recruitment Process page.

View job descriptions on the Job Descriptions page.

The PDR Process

The PDR Process for 2018/2019 will operate as outlined in the current PDR Policy (PDR). It is important that staff have the opportunity for their performance to be reviewed and, where appropriate, to be considered for a salary increase.

The process has been adapted this year to accommodate current organisational changes particularly to reporting lines and roles. The PDR process will be divided into two distinct parts:

  1. Review of performance for 2017/18 and
  2. Objective setting for the 2018/19 period

The formal PDR meeting(s)/review (Part 1) will occur between 1 August and 31 October 2018. When and how this will occur will depend on the situation for each staff member. If the manager is unchanged then they will complete parts 1 and 2.

Where a staff member has a new manager, part 1 will be completed by the previous manager. Part 2, objective setting, will be completed by the new manager, and this may be delayed due to appointment dates. It is expected that managers will work together during this year’s PDR Process to ensure PDRs are completed appropriately for every staff member.

HR website page for PDR for managers/reviewers

Ongoing Budget Review

As part of the SSR implementation there is a requirement to update budgets to reflect changes to the organisational structure. This will involve an ongoing process of reviewing existing budgets and altering these to reflect the changes occurring in each area. You can expect more of this activity to occur over the coming weeks and months as further reporting line changes take effect.

Introducing...Andrea Wolf, Manager, Divisional Finance - Health Sciences


What does your role involve?

I am part of the Finance Advisory team which is a new unit within the Financial Services Division. We are a team of finance specialists and are embedded in the division we support. My role involves working with Paul Brunton (PVC Health Sciences), providing him with financial information, advice and solutions to support decision-making. I am also fortunate to lead an amazing team of Finance Advisory staff in Health Sciences.

What were you doing previously?

Before taking up this role in March this year, I was part of the SSR project team. I have however worked for the University for over 20 years in a number of finance roles. I really enjoy working for the University, with the challenges of the tertiary environment, the vibrancy of working with its staff and the energy of its students.

What are you looking forward to in the role?

I am looking forward to creating relationships with my colleagues in Health Sciences and improving the financial information, advice and solutions provided to them. I am also really looking forward to leading my team and forming an environment that enables motivated people to do their best work.

What do you like about living in Dunedin?

Dunedin is a fantastic place to bring up a family. I love the proximity of everything, the 10 minute commute time, the natural environment, the cafés and the friendly people.

Training and Support

Please contact to discuss training or support requirements.

EAP - staff support

Staff can access personal support through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP); this offers financial and budgeting advice, as well as other counselling services. EAP services are available to staff at any time through the existing provider, Stratos Ltd. EAP services are confidential to you and based on a self-referral system. There is no requirement to advise or make a request to your manager. Further information can be found in the EAP section of the HR website.



  • Administrator Client Services (UOC)
  • Administrator Client Services (UOW)
  • Administrator Clinics (Dunedin)
  • Lead Student Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Lead Administrator Student Administration (Dunedin)
  • Senior Administrator Student Administration (Dunedin)
  • Student Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Administrator Student Administration (Dunedin)
  • Marketing Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Marketing Specialist (Dunedin)
  • Services Representative AskOtago (Dunedin)
  • Purchasing Officer (Dunedin)
  • Senior Analyst Project Management Office (Dunedin)
  • Coordinator Events (UOW)
  • Academic Committees and Services Specialist (Dunedin)
  • Senior Administrator Academic Committees and Services (Dunedin)
  • Manager IT Advisory (Dunedin)
  • Senior Manager, Marketing and Advisory Services (Dunedin)
  • Finance Associate (Dunedin)
  • Finance Manager (Dunedin)
  • Procurement Officer (Dunedin)
  • Category Specialist (Dunedin)
  • Administrator Client Services (Dunedin)
  • Kaiwhakahaere Tari - Administrator Client Services (Māori) (Dunedin)
  • Finance Associate (UOC)
  • Purchasing Officer (UOC)
  • Purchasing Officer (UOW)
  • Officer Revenue Management (Dunedin)


You will need to log in to view the internal only vacancies.


  • Lead Officer Supply Chain
  • Storeperson

Staff need to log in to view internal job vacancies. For a full list of vacancies please be sure to check the Current Vacancies section of the HR website.

We welcome your feedback on the project implementation as it progresses. Contact us to discuss, or let us know if you need more information at

From the Support Services Review Project Team