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SSR Project Update - Issue 30

This week we have information about IT Hubs and updating websites. We also introduce Richard Feist, Senior Manager IT Assurance and Cyber Security.

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IT Hubs

IT Desktop Support will be provided from seven University locations – four hubs on the Dunedin campus, one in Wellington and one in Christchurch. The seventh location is Invercargill where one of the staff members from the East Hub is based.

Desktop Support South The area south of the ISB building.

Desktop Support East From ‘Leith Walk’ to the Otago Business School, University of Otago College of Education, University Plaza etc and down to Portobello. Desktop Support East also includes support for Invercargill with a staff member based there.

Desktop Support Central The general area in the middle of the campus including the Arts building, Richardson, the ISB building, and the building over the Leith.

Desktop North From Union St North. i.e Sciences buildings, St David II Registry and up through to the gardens.

ITSS Wellington Supporting the University's ICT needs in Wellington.

ITSS Christchurch Supporting the University's ICT needs in Christchurch.

Each hub will have up to 10 staff members relative to the number of staff/students being supported, complexity of requirements and distances that need to be travelled.

Although staff will work from a particular hub, a one team approach is being developed. This means members in one hub may be supporting members of another during periods of high workloads or when specific expertise are required. We also expect to have many cross-hub projects where team members from each hub work together either physically or virtually.

Changes to Website Updates

Staff from the former 'Web Services' unit are now spread across three teams:

  • Marketing Content Unit (within Marketing Services, Division of External Engagement)
  • Web Design (also within Marketing Services)
  • Web Development (within the ITS Applications Team)

There are changes to the way websites are managed as a result. Website ownership now rests with Marketing Services, and the Marketing Content Unit's specialist content developers will be responsible for web editing and reviewing.

This means new editors or reviewers will no longer be added to existing websites. When a department loses their current web editors or reviewers – due to staff changes or changes to job descriptions – website responsibilities will shift to the Marketing Content Unit.

Web requests should be sent to Your request will then be assigned to the appropriate team: Marketing Content, Web Design, or Web Development.

All staff can continue to submit events to the online events calendar, and can submit items to the Otago Bulletin Board's Classifieds and Notices section. The submitted item will be sent to the Marketing Content Unit to review and approve before it appears on University websites.


Factsheets that explain changes to University of Otago support services are on the SSR website and now includes Finance Services.

  • Finance Services
  • Human Resources
  • Operations (Client Services)
  • AskOtago
  • Student Experience Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Communications Office
  • Information Technology Services
  • Finance: Roles and Responsibilities

We also have a Finance: Roles and Responsibilities factsheet providing an overview of ‘who will do what’ under the new model. In many instances the actual process has not changed, but responsibility for supporting these processes may have. Existing staff may still be performing finance tasks in the interim, while new processes are being implemented.

Please take time to update yourself on how these services are organised and their responsibilities.

Introducing...Richard Feist, Senior Manager IT Assurance and Cyber Security


What does your role involve?

I am responsible for two areas:

  • Cybersecurity - protecting the University's people and assets from harm or loss through the IT systems.
  • IT Assurance - ensuring the IT systems and services are efficient and effective.

Right now my role involves talking with people across the University to understand their needs, understanding the risks to the University and working with my team to define our approach to cybersecurity and IT assurance. Once we get this in place then it will be more focused on managing change and continuous improvement.

What were you doing previously?

Over my career I have worked in just about every part of IT at some point but have always gravitated to Security, Architecture and Networking. My previous role with Dimension Data was as a Network Engineer, deploying and operating the University's future state network - something that has given me a great understanding of the new network and its capabilities. Prior to that I worked for ADInstruments, where I was responsible for implementing security in their kuraCloud learning platform, helping build their Risk Management process for ‘medical’ hardware and advising on anything from legal contracts through to spam.

What are you looking forward to in the role?

The challenge of defining and implementing a functional information security service for the University and then working with key Otago people to make this an industry-leading one.

What do you like about living in Dunedin?

In 2005 my wife and I decided to leave the UK to give our children a better environment to grow up in. After five years in Auckland we decided to try ‘down south’ and ended up in Dunedin. The mix of rural lifestyle, city and education facilities due to the unique nature of Dunedin is great.

After spending time in Johannesburg, London and Auckland I’m over big cities, traffic jams, competing with millions of people and the detritus that goes with it. Dunedin is now definitely home for us.


Vacancies continue to be uploaded to the vacancies webpage this week.

View the Current Vacancies section of the HR website for all vacancies currently being advertised.

View information about the recruitment process for administrative roles on the Recruitment Process page.

View job descriptions on the Job Descriptions page.

Training and Support

Please contact to discuss training or support requirements.

EAP - staff support

Staff can access personal support through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP); this offers financial and budgeting advice, as well as other counselling services. EAP services are available to staff at any time through the existing provider, Stratos Ltd. EAP services are confidential to you and based on a self-referral system. There is no requirement to advise or make a request to your manager. Further information can be found in the EAP section of the HR website.



  • Student Adviser (Dunedin)
  • Senior Manager, Marketing and Advisory Services (Dunedin)
  • Kaiwhakahaere Tari - Administrator Client Services (Māori) (Dunedin)
  • Senior Desktop Support Technician (Dunedin)
  • Senior Manager Systems Services (Dunedin)
  • Marketing Content Developer (Dunedin)
  • Senior Research Administrator (UOC)
  • Senior Research Administrator (Dunedin)
  • Analyst IT Projects Unit (Dunedin)
  • Storeperson (Dunedin)
  • Senior Analyst Project Management (Dunedin)
  • Senior Services (IT) Representative AskOtago (Dunedin)


You will need to log in to view the internal only vacancies.


  • Lead Officer Supply Chain

Staff need to log in to view internal job vacancies. For a full list of vacancies please be sure to check the Current Vacancies section of the HR website.

We welcome your feedback on the project implementation as it progresses. Contact us to discuss, or let us know if you need more information at

From the Support Services Review Project Team